DOJ Deals Death Blow to Democrat Agenda…BLM Will Be INFURIATED

DOJ officials drove a stake through the core idea at the heart of liberal’s favorite slogan because, for some strange reason, voters demand law and order. Disgruntled Black Lives Matter and Antifa types are going spastic that all their hard work is being undone. Radical Democrats are infuriated with Palace Minister of Justice Merrick Garland for selling them out and re-funding the de-funded police.

DOJ coughs up cash

Now that police officers are walking off the job and resigning over the radio, the palace finally decided to throw them a life-line. The DOJ actually agreed to provide “$139 million to police departments across the U.S. as part of a grant program that would bring on more than 1,000 new officers.”

The problem is that nobody wants to take the money. Not after the way police have been treated the past couple years. Police are getting ambushed daily. A life isn’t worth any amount of money.

All the damage was done when the funding was yanked away in the first place. Along with defunding the police, Antifa managed to sling so much mud that nobody wants to take the job.

The DOJ plans to throw money at their “Community Oriented Policing Services” to be handed out. Grants will go to “183 law enforcement agencies across the country and in U.S. territories.” Too little, and much too late.

Police districts can’t even buy donuts with that money at today’s prices, thanks to Imperial Leader Joe Biden and his inflationary plot to “spend our way out of bankruptcy.” The DOJ got stuck with the hot potato as violent crime skyrockets through the roof.

Meanwhile, what really rattles the ministry of justice is the way concerned citizens have started taking the law into their own hands. Since the police won’t protect them, they’re forced to vigilantly defend themselves. Know your neighbors, and the ammo they prefer too, in case you need to trade.

Hand Chicago to the gangs

Garland snarled at the press about how committed the DOJ is to “providing police departments with the resources needed to help ensure community safety and build community trust.”

They may be committed to it but they don’t have to like it. They would prefer to hand Chicago over to the Gangster Disciples and call it reparations.

According to the DOJ press release, the cash is coming now because “police departments across the U.S. have been facing budget reductions.” Those reductions are the direct result of Black Lives Matter and Antifa inspired arson, looting, and social intimidation.

If the police weren’t defunded out of existence, they would be burned out instead. Police aren’t welcome at crime scenes. Social workers are the new defenders. They don’t care about protecting the victim, they protect the criminal.

Even with more money to wave under the noses of recruits, there aren’t any recruits. The DOJ doesn’t have an answer to that question.

“Several police agencies have also delayed or canceled police academy classes, which is likely to leave a number of jobs unfilled as other officers retire.” And retiring they are. The big question around the coffee urns coast-to-coast is “how many days do you have left?”

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