Woman Brutally Beaten to Death By Man With Metal Pipes

According to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police, a woman was beaten with a pipe and killed inside of the “Regus shared office space” building located near 3rd and Chestnut Streets in the city of brotherly love’s historic “Old City” district. The assault happened around 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, January 19. She was later identified as Samantha Maag, of Blenheim, New Jersey. A tenant, it seems, wasn’t happy with the rent.

Woman attacked from behind

The 31-year-old woman was simply sitting at her desk, working as a receptionist on the eighth floor of the Regus building, when the dastardly assassin ambushed her from behind, “armed with two metal pipes.” Law enforcement has a suspect in custody at police headquarters but they aren’t beating Jeffrey Stepien with old telephone books and rubber hoses, as they would have in the good ole days. If the liberals actually let them interrogate their 49-year-old prisoner, they “expect charges to be filed,” eventually.

Seeing them prosecuted is an entirely different story. The update notes Sepien has been charged with “murder and possession of an instrument of crime.

They know that the “male walked up to her and began hitting her in the head.” He hit the woman “repeatedly.” They “believe she was struck at least five times,” Chief Inspector Scott Small with the Philadelphia Police explains.

The “brutal attack” was “committed in front of at least 10 witnesses, many of who called 911.” At least they took time to dial the digits before hitting the record video button, this time.

Police got about 20 calls from all over the building, “reporting a person screaming and a person with a weapon inside the building.

Workers in a nearby conference room tried to tackle Stepien during the attack, without success. If one of them had pulled out a vigilantly carried handgun, the woman might be alive today.

By the time the cops arrived, they found the helpless woman “unresponsive.” Samantha Maag didn’t go out without a fight. “She had defensive wounds on both of her hands.

Further details revealed in an update note that witnesses described the victim as a “team leader” who happened to be “sitting in the receptionist chair.

Covered in blood

The attacker almost walked right past the police, with blood from the woman splattered all over him. At the exact moment officers were entering the building’s lobby, the maniac stepped off the elevator, carrying a black bag.

It “turns out that bag had two metal pipes.” Not only that, “both of those pipes in the bag had blood on them and he was covered with some blood.

Stepien, updates report, “rented at least one office on the 8th floor of the building.” He lives nearby.

Investigators said Stepien knew the woman and they “had conflicts in the past. They don’t believe the incident was domestic, however, and they don’t believe they ever had a romantic relationship.” Andrew Hong, Maag’s former co-worker, relates he “had it out for her I guess.

Police say they still haven’t “determined a motive in the attack but Maag’s co-workers say Stepien may have been disgruntled about rent.” Hong backs that up.

This was an actual, active client. Like a customer or someone who was renting office space.” It’s possible he “recently learned he was going to be evicted.” Beating a woman to death isn’t the proper way to get it stopped but Stepien didn’t get that memo.

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