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Whoa…Rush Limbaugh Reveals His Plan to Make Sure Trump Wins!

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh has announced a plan to ensure a Trump victory in November, and it will involve every Trump supporter doing their part.

Though most honest people know that President Trump has gained significant numbers of supporters since the 2016 election, the polls still show Joe Biden leading in many key battleground states.

Trump supporters are usually wary of polls, not trusting them to be unbiased or fair in their sampling of likely voters. It is still important for supporters of the president to do everything legally possible to ensure a Trump victory, or even a Trump landslide, in November.

Operation Turn a Democrat

“You want something else to do? How about turn a Democrat? How about Operation Turn a Democrat? How about if every one of you try to convince a Democrat that you know to vote Trump?” Rush Limbaugh asked on his show.

“If a sizable number of people were able to, do you realize what impact that would have?” he added.

This suggestion from Rush Limbaugh came shortly after having a two-hour conversation with the president.

“Operation Turn a Democrat. I know you might think, ‘Rush, not possible. These people are nuts. These people are insane.’ I know. I’m well aware of how some of them don’t seem to be, shall we say, solidly attached to the ground,” he said.

Speaking with a rational Democrat and trying to convince them of Trump’s accomplishments may be easier than most people think. Look at the #WalkAway movement, listen to the testimonials of former Democrats who have walked away from the party. The reasons behind their decisions may hold the key to turning other Democrats into Trump supporters.

One significant thing to remember is that Democrats often think emotionally, rather than factually. Although Ben Shapiro always says “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” that won’t always work. Speaking to a Democrat from a feeling-based perspective may be helpful, at least to begin the conversation. Start with an issue that can elicit emotion, such as the education levels in poor communities. Then tie it into school choice, and show how the Trump administration’s push for school choice is extremely important. Then talk about how the Democrats are beholden to teachers unions and would rather support these corrupt institutions than what would be best for the students.

That’s just one suggestion, but Rush is right. ‘Operation Turn A Democrat’ might just work.

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