Smartmatic Voting Company Implicated in Massive Scandal, DOJ Steps In

Voting tech company ‘Smartmatic’ has just come under fire, as new details have emerged on a huge controversy. The company is now facing money laundering charges from the Department of Justice (DOJ) against four executives. Now, former Filipino election official Andres Bautista has been accused of being involved in a bribery scheme with Smartmatic.

These individuals are accused of transferring $4 million to former Filipino election official Andres Bautista “in violation of US money laundering laws”.

It is reported that Bautista was given $199 million in contracts for almost 100,000 voting machines and tabulation services for Philippine Presidential elections back in 2016.

In response to this accusation, Bautista took to social media stating he “did not ask for nor receive any bribe money from Smartmatic or any other entity.” Despite his defense, it remains unclear as to whether there was any wrongdoing on part of Smartmatic or Bautista himself.

A spokeswoman from Smartmatic also attempted to deny these allegations by claiming that they have never won a project through illegal means and that these claims are not related to their security and integrity measures when it comes to elections.

As if all this wasn’t enough drama already, representatives for President Donald Trump continue accusing Joe Biden as being responsible for this situation with Smartmatic due to his involvement with foreign countries such as Venezuela and Philippines – where the company had secured contracts previously.

This drama only intensifies when Fox News and other associates were sued by Smartmatic itself over such accusations made against them during the aftermath of the 2020 presidential race.

It is impossible to say just yet whether or not these allegations will impact our current electoral process here in America but it certainly won’t help matters when it comes people’s perception on how trustworthy and valid our elections really are.

While no trial date has been set yet, it will be interesting how this all plays out – setting aside politics though – especially considering how much influence foreign countries can hold over U.S elections based on their own national interest.

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