John Kerry Needs to Answer These Questions

Republicans in Congress are demanding answers from the Biden-Harris regime, on what the ACTUAL role of Former Senator John Kerry is as the “United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate”, a position invented whole-cloth by Biden upon assuming power, which among other disturbing responsibilities gives the Obama-era Secretary of State a seat on the National Security Council. He needs to start answering these questions.

Congressmen James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) in their legal capacities as Ranking Members of the Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Judiciary Committee respectively wrote an official inquiry to Kerry on June 14th and have yet to receive a reply.

The Congressmen wrote,


“We write to you today to request information about your position as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. Your cabinet-level position, which includes a place on the National Security Council, appears to have an outsized role within the Biden Administration. It appears that in your role, you have some ability to set foreign policy and to bind the United States to international agreements, despite not being confirmed with advice and consent of the Senate. We are particularly concerned with how you, as the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, may handle an increasingly adversarial U.S. relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC).”

They continued, providing the stakes: John Kerry currently has wide-ranging Security clearances which Congress asked for an explanation of in May with no WhiteHouse reply and the ability to negotiate diplomatically with serious global adversary states such as China, Russia and Iran with seemingly ZERO Congressional oversight.

“It is of paramount importance that we conduct oversight over your position as the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and how the position will impact the interests of the United States, especially where the role appears to intersect with the U.S. response to a hostile foreign regime such as the Chinese Communist Party. To date, the White House has failed to provide any information about your security clearance, which Committee Republicans requested on May This lack of transparency appears to be a pattern of avoiding Congressional oversightwhile Democrats maintain majorities in the House and Senate. The American people deserve to understand your role in the government and what authority you have to negotiate with foreign adversaries.”

The Answers That Congressional GOP DEMANDS From Kerry

Congressmen Comer and Jordan are demanding answers to the following under their Congressional Oversight authority.


“To assist us in conducting oversight of these important issues, please provide the
Committee with the following information no later than June 28, 2021:

1. All documents and communications regarding the nature and scope of the role of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate;
2. A detailed explanation of the scope of the role played by the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, the authorities exercised by the incumbent, and why the incumbent would sit on the National Security Council;
3. A detailed explanation of why the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate would have a need to know classified national security information and maintain a security clearance;
4. All documents and communications from January 20, 2021 to the present regarding negotiations between the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and PRC officials.”

Under The U.S. House of Representatives Rule X,  “The Committee on Oversight and Reform is the principal oversight committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and has broad authority to investigate “any matter” at “any time”. Should Kerry fail to answer the inquiry he could find himself in Contempt of Congress under 2 U.S.C.A. § 192.

According to Cornell Law if Kerry “willfully makes default, or who, having appeared, refuses to answer any question pertinent to the question under inquiry” shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a maximum $1,000 fine and 12-month imprisonment.”

Since the June 28th deadline for the inquiry has passed, John Kerry could find himself getting perp-walked out of the Eisenhauer Executive building at a time of the Committee’s choosing. Right now the only hold-up keeping Kerry from a set of handcuffs is the stalling tactics of Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Chair of the Oversight and Reform Committee.

Given how flippantly Kerry handles his own party’s mask mandates, like many elites, have with ‘restrictions for thee but not for me’ (Remember, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Lori Lightfoot?) This is likely to be another set of questions that will lay unanswered or addressed unless/until the GOP retakes the majority in 2022.



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