Fiona Hill Turns on Biden

Trump Administration National Security Council Director Fiona Hill has given a dire warning to the Biden-Harris regime: Biden has fecklessly “empowered Russian President Vladimir Putin”. During an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on June 20th Fmr. Director Hill argued that Biden provided Putin a “very important symbolic win” through the recent summit between the US and Russia.

According to The Hill,

“Well, in terms of the symbolism of having a sit-down with the American president, absolutely. That is a very important win for Putin,” Hill said. “But it’s not a win if nothing happens out of it,” she added.

“That is just an episodic event, and, you know, he can’t take that to the bank for a long time and cash it in. He’s got to basically present himself at home as the great statesman because he himself has to subject his presidency to a reelection,”

Plain and simple: Putin is up for re-election in 2024, and the Biden-Harris regime has just lent him some short-term legitimacy, but he needs to capitalize on it quickly. Which is kind of funny considering that Biden lacks legitimacy with over half the electorate in his own country.

Hill also appeared on CBS’ Face The Nation, where she described the Cyber War with Russia as a “Hot War”

“The cyberwar is a hot war, same with the information war because actions are already happening, right? I mean, we know that the Russians have had this massive penetration of our systems, the SolarWinds hack. We’ve seen that they have interfered in our election by trying to get onto critical systems.

“We’ve already seen these ransomware attacks, which, you know, many of the suspects have been criminals for hire or at least have not been reined in by Russia, which is tantamount also to certainly allowing attacks to take place on everything from pipelines to hospitals and other systems. And in terms of information war, I mean, we know that the Russians have been out using social media platforms, all kinds of propaganda. So we’re already there.”

“I mean, what we’re trying to do is try to reel that back- and to basically win that back, that is, and try to get some kind of restraint here. So we’re basically, I guess, now with the dilemma of how do we do that? Can we get a comprehensive cyber agreement like we do in the nuclear weapons realm, or is that just going to be too difficult?”

Fiona Hill Is An Authority on Russia and Putin And She’s Flipped On Biden… Hard

Hill previously testified before Congress in 2019 during the impeachment of President Trump as a recognized expert on Russian affairs. OANN reports, “She claims the Russian government may continue to support alleged cyberattacks on U.S. soil and political repressions if left unchecked.” The fact of the matter is that in providing Putin with even a symbolic diplomatic victory, one that lends strength to him and portrays weakness in American leadership lend to Putins’ power base and embolden their ambitions in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and the Balkans. America’s moment of weakness is the world’s moment of peril.

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