Joe Biden’s America…Group of Police Officers Mowed Down, Dozens in Critical Condition (Video)

Once again Black Lives Matter rioters have descended on a city to create pure chaos while Joe Biden does nothing to condemn the heinous actions.

Multiple Officers Injured

In Philadelphia, multiple officers have been injured and run over by vehicles as they try and keep some form a law and order.


On Monday night police shot an armed man, Walter Wallace after authorities say he refused to drop a knife after they told him many times.

This sparked rioters to take to the streets, break into businesses, loot and attack police officers.

“Some businesses were cleaning up damage Wednesday after video showed people streaming into stores and stealing goods as they left on the opposite side of the city from where Wallace was shot. The National Guard is slated to arrive in the next few days to focus on guarding infrastructure, state and city officials said,” Breitbart News reports.


Vehicle Runs Over Police

A black vehicle can be seen speeding towards a line of officers who were stationed across the street to protect against angry rioters heading that way, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Footage and pictures posted on social media show police cars and dumpsters set on fire. The harmful rioters also have thrown bricks and other objects at cops at the police district headquarters.

Video of the Monday shooting shows Wallace coming at officers who have their guns aimed at him. According to witnesses, Wallace did have a knife and kept coming towards the officers.

Two officers then open fire hitting Wallace 10 times.

Currently, 30 police officers are reported to have been injured by rioters in the Pennsylvania city. Most of the injuries are from heavy objects being thrown at officers.

Welcome to Biden’s America

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his radical running mate Kamala Harris have in a way encouraged the unrest and have yet to condemn the violent rioters.

With the election looming close, it is unclear whether riots like this will harm Biden’s chances of beating Donald Trump.

  1. WOW, these BLM and Antifa ”Peaceful Protesters are more blatant in their violence, than the KKK. The Democrats must have learned how to make their enforcement are more powerful.

  2. Patriots, it’s time to stop messing with these bastards. Take them out one by one and drive the fear of GOD into their diabolic bodies.

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