Trump Makes Massive Announcement!

Trump isn’t holding back on the campaign trail as he bids for re-election in the 2024 presidential race. The Former President spoke in Davenport, Iowa. His focus in the speech was education. He revisited his prior record when it came to the education system as well as laid out what his focus would be on if he occupied the oval office again.

Trump earned deafening applause when he stated that his administration had extensively studied possibly breaking up the Department of Education. At the time the previous Trump administration’s goal was to reallocate the Education Department’s functions back to the control of individual states.

“We studied it very closely and I was getting ready to do it, pull the trigger,” he claimed. “The long-term goal, but now it’s a short-term goal, of breaking up the federal Department of Education and redistributing its functions to the states.”

Iowa is a key primary battleground for Republicans and Democrats alike. Trump’s speech there follows an appearance by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in the battleground state.

At this time, DeSantis has not officially announced his candidacy but that doesn’t stop the speculation as many expect the popular Governor to challenge Trump.

DeSantis also has a hard stance when it comes to the education of America’s young people. The Florida governor has openly taken on the educational system in Florida over issues of sexual education, grooming, and CRT taught in elementary school classrooms. This has not won him praise amongst the leftist activists that call themselves teachers.

However, the Florida Republican has made no apologies for his conservative, and common sense, policies that protect children, encourage economic growth, and so much more. It’s not just die-hard Florida republicans who support these policies either. Florida has seen a staggering growth in population as many flee northern liberal bastions for Florida’s sunnier climes.

DeSantis is not the only potential threat to Trump’s re-election bid. The Republican field also includes former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, tech mogul Vivek Ramaswamy, and businessman Perry Johnson.

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