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Trump Jail Sentence Announced – November Victory at Stake

You guys need to let me stew a little here because something about Judge Merchan’s sentencing date does not sit well with me.

Merchan ordered the sentencing hearing less than a week before the GOP National Convention where the nominee will be certified.

Could it be because he wants to sentence Trump to jail and make him immediately report?

Under Arrest

Merchan has the power to issue and enforce a sentence, even though Trump can still work the appeals process on all fronts.

Let’s split the middle, however, and say that Merchan orders Trump on house arrest for six months… which would kill his campaign and appearance at the convention.

This entire case has backfired on Democrats, so I would not be surprised in the least to see Merchan try something like this to save Biden’s election.

Republicans, however, believe that could be the final straw and put Trump over the election hump.

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) stated, “I think the Democrat Party better be very cautious because if the [past] sitting president of the United States can’t attend the convention in person, they are essentially electing Donald Trump as president.

“I think it’ll fire up the Republican base to the point where it’ll be unstoppable.

“And I think independent folks, like I just said, are going to say, ‘We don’t want this. This is not the United States of America that we want to live in. We want to be able to have free and open discourse between political parties without having to worry about being jailed.’”

Richard Porter, an Illinois national committeeman also commented, stating, “If that judge compounds the unfairness of the trial with a jail sentence or that otherwise restricts his freedom to campaign, righteous anger at the injustice will wash away Biden and the corrupt establishment in November.”

It is tough to argue their logic when we have seen the response to Trump’s campaign with every indictment issued.

Still, though, it just worries me that Merchan will prove he is just another cog in the machine and try to stop Trump by either putting him on house arrest or worse, sending him to prison.

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