We have yet another possible bullet being fired at Trump by the DOJ.

Honestly, it is just one thing after another at this point, with the DOJ clearly trying to take Trump out of the picture.

The latest accusation is a possible money laundering scheme.

Just Never Ends

The feds are looking at several loans that were obtained by Trump media.

On the surface, this has about zero chance of succeeding.

I also have to say that Trump probably could have chosen his banks a bit better to avoid this problem.

The loans originated from Paxum Bank, which is registered in the small Caribbean island of Dominica, and an entity called ES Family Trust.

According to reports, $2 million came from Paxum, and the other $6 million came directly from the Trust.

The problem… Paxum is also known as an institution that caters to the porn and sex worker industry.

This mean that is also a target for money laundering, which is the angel that the feds are taking against Trump.

The other problem is that Russians are tied to the bank.

The New York Post reported, “The trustee of ES Family Trust, Angel Pacheco, appears to have also been a director of Paxum Bank, and the Domica-based bank’s part-owner, Anton Postolnikov, appears to be a relation of Aleksandr Smirnov – head of the Russia-controlled maritime company Rosmorport, and a Putin ally and former Kremlin official.”

I have zero doubt this is yet another targeted attack to hurt Trump, but this one appears to be to put Truth Social out of business.

With a pending investigation, the billion-dollar investment that Trump is waiting on will likely be held up even longer.

Without that money, it will be very hard to keep Truth Social afloat, as the outlet is already bleeding money.

And people wonder why Trump is so paranoid. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true, right?

Source: New York Post

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