This New Policy Has Gangs Attacking Cops FREELY

A gang of criminals mounted on dirt bikes and ATVs was captured on video as they encircled and attacked police at a Philadelphia gas station on October 16. Police indicated that the riders hurled bricks and bottles at the officers in their vehicle, causing damage to the windshield.

The suspects were still at large… because Philadelphia police are prohibited from pursuing them according to PhillyVoice.

The outlet reported that dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal to ride on the streets of Philadelphia, but due to safety concerns the Philadelphia PD has a blanket “no pursuit” policy for vehicles of this type. That makes the law fairly difficult to enforce.

The incident reportedly took, place at about 8 p.m. EST when police arrived at a Lukoil gas station to investigate the dirt bike and ATV riders. One of the riders promptly crashed his bike near a gas pump and fled on foot. PhillyVoice reported that the 2011 Honda was reported stolen in New Jersey.

The officers who recovered the bike told the reporters that they were surrounded by the rest of the riders who began pelting them with bottles and bricks. One of the vehicles was reportedly kicked several times before a brick was thrown through the police vehicle’s windshield.

The group of riders subsequently fled, and pursuant to the no-pursuit policy, known as Philadelphia Police Department Directive 9.4, officers did not pursue them.

According to TheBlaze, in July of 2021, the city of Philadelphia passed a law that allows police to confiscate, destroy or sell illegal dirt bikes and ATVs taken from city, highways, roads or sidewalks.

PhillyVoice explains that riders of all of these vehicles are subject to $2,000 fines and confiscation of the vehicles.

Fox News reported that Philadelphia City Councilman at-large David Oh responded to another similar video that showed a large mass of dirt bike and ATV riders.

“This has to stop,” he wrote.

He noted that police “are instructed by the Mayor’s Administration not to enforce the law.”

“That has resulted in this escalating problem of reckless driving, no insurance, intentional disregard for public safety, likely possession of illegal firearms & potential violence,” he added.

Video of the incident was released by the Philadelphia Police Department on October 18.

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