Jack Smith

Jack Smith Just DID IT

Well, Jack Smith has just done it: a ‘gag order’ has been filed against former President Donald Trump in an effort to prevent public statements being made that could possibly influence the outcome of an ongoing trial. According to prosecution, the order seeks to restrict any comments that might sway the court’s decision or potentially bias jurors.

The court’s “duty” is to shield its proceedings from external influences which may have a material prejudice on its results.

As such, parties involved in the case—including their attorneys—are barred from making or authorizing any public statements which carry a significant likelihood of causing material prejudice to the case.

This encompasses statements discussing witness testimony, credibility, or identity, as well as those deemed disparaging, inflammatory or intimidating about any party, witness, attorney, court personnel or potential jurors.

Additionally, surrogates are prohibited from making such statements on behalf of Trump himself however, there are some exceptions.

The defendant is still allowed to quote public records pertaining to the case without adding commentary, announce schedules and outcomes and seek help gathering evidence.

Further clarifying his stance on all allegations against him he is also permitted to simply state he denies them.

He cannot make comments beyond these parameters otherwise he risks violating this gag order set by Smith and having consequences laid out by law enforcement.

Trump’s trial for alleged interference in 2020 election will take place on March 4th 2024 right in the middle of GOP presidential primary calendar season.

Leading up to this were investigations into his involvement with Capitol Riots January 6th 2021 as well as purported meddling with election results last year – resulting in four federal indictments being placed against him including conspiring against US government , obstructing an official process, attempting similar actions and violation of rights.

Despite refuting all accusations made against him, it remains uncertain what long-term repercussions await Trump if found guilty.

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