LEAKED VIDEO Exposes Naked Hunter Biden Smoking Crack And Verbally Abusing….

You would think that the Hunter Biden scandal couldn’t possibly get any worse than it is currently, right? Well a new video has just emerged which shows Hunter smoking what appears to be a crack pipe and opening a can of White Claw seltzer while sitting naked in a “float tank” for a supposed “detox” allegedly paid for by his father.

The video of Hunter Biden, obtained and pushed by The Sun, shows him at “a health spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in January 2019” prior to Joe Biden being elected as president.

During the time of the video, Hunter Biden was making an attempt to get sober at a facility under the care of psychiatrist Keith Ablow, but obviously made little to no progress.

Here’s how ‘The UK Sun’ describes Hunter’s “drug-ravaged” appearance:

“Hunter, 52, can at first be seen floating around and touching himself sexually while trippy ambient music plays in the background. 

He then leaves the tank briefly and comes back with the drugs and a can of what appears to be a Black Cherry-flavored White Claw.

At the end of the disturbing video, Hunter stares hauntingly into the camera with the sensory deprivation tank’s fluorescent green light reflected on his drug-ravaged face.”

Even during rehab, Hunter Biden shows off all his degeneracy.

Watch it here (Warning: Graphic): TheSun/Youtube

The video comes after Hunter Biden requested his father to wire him $75,000 to cover lapsed bills and alimony back in December 2018. There is a text conversation between the two where Hunter asks his father, “Is it possible to make me another short-term loan in the same amount and I will send it back no later than 10 days?” Joe Biden replied, “‘Hunt tell me what you need. No problem.”

Over $100,000 was wired to Hunter Biden from Joe between November 2018 and January 2019, where at least $30,000 of the total was owed to Russian hookers.

Our friend from The Gateway Pundit commented further:

The new video is just the latest example of Hunter Biden’s outright degeneracy. In addition to several other videos and pictures of him smoking crack or using cocaine, he has repeatedly been pictured engaging in sex acts with hookers and brandishing his illegally-owned firearm while he’s intoxicated and high on drugs.

And, as if the petty crime wasn’t rampant enough, Hunter has been the de-facto bagman for the Biden Crime Family for the past decade-plus, traveling around the world picking up cash in countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine on behalf of “the big guy.”

What’s more – the Biden Crime Family now has the most suspicious activity reports from banks, EVER, thanks to Hunter’s illicit business dealings,

However, instead of sitting inside a jail cell or being seriously investigated as he deserves, Hunter parades around smoking his crack and selling his “art” as a free man – he has even been invited to the White House as a special guest – not once, but twice, this week alone.

Joe Biden was seen back in 2020 publicly praising his son on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as very smart. “He is the smartest man I know,” Joe Biden claimed. “We have great confidence in our son. I am not concerned about any accusations made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play,” Joe Biden said.

Currently, Hunter Biden is under investigation by his very own father’s Justice Department for tax fraud, money laundering, as well as violation of lobbying laws. In an attempt to settle the case outside of court, Hunter has paid over $1 million to the IRS to avoid conviction and or a long sentence.

And while Joe Biden has continuously insisted he knows nothing about his family’s business dealings, he has actually played a large role in the family business at least 13 times in the past six years.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, UK Sun


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