The Liberal Poll The Dems Don’t Want You To See, This Will CRUSH Their Narrative Instantly

Facts don’t usually support Democrats’ agenda and a recent liberal poll has really damaged their woke narrative.

Poll Shows True Narrative

Vox is known for being a very progressive outlet and a recent poll they sent out showed that all political parties, ages and ethnicities want more police patrols.

In the wake of the George Floyd and Derek Chauvin controversy, tensions between police and civilians have been extremely rocky.

Vox’s Data for Progress survey which took place between April 2 and April had a group of 1,209 likely voters. Out of that group, the majority of them wanted to see lawmakers pass police reforms in Congress.

Law Reform for Officers

Some of the reforms being sought are a federal ban on chokeholds (71 percent) and required body cameras for police officers (84 percent).

Despite this, the majority of people still said that they believe officers can be trusted. There is a big difference when it comes to political sides, however. 78 percent of Republicans said they could put trust in police while only 32 percent of Democrats said that there could be trust.

Vox’s German Lopez explained that “basically everyone — Democrat, Republican, young, old, white, black, brown — would feel safer with *more* police patrols in their neighborhoods.”

This really throws a wrench in liberals’ “defund the police” narrative that they have been pushing harder the past year.

Goes Against the Agenda

Liberal publication Vox reported:

“A majority of voters surveyed favor some reallocation: 63 percent agree that some funding should be shifted from police departments to establish a new agency of first responders who focus on mental health and addiction-related needs, including 83 percent of Democrats, 60 percent of independents, and 43 percent of Republicans.”

Conservatives have been getting weary of police who refuse to back our constitutional rights when it comes to keeping churches open and not wearing masks, but the typical anti-police narrative has continuously been echoed by leftist politicians.

This Vox survey shows what the majority of Americans think and want and it goes against the agenda the leftists media and politicians have been pushing.

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