The Decimation of Historical Peace and Countless Fallen Brothers and Sisters at the Hands of Biden

Joe Biden flubbed it in Afghanistan. After Once and Future President Donald Trump negotiated a historic peace deal for the Middle East, one which was actually workable, the new management allowed godless Taliban heathen to rip countless numbers of fallen Afghani soldiers to bits. At least the local special forces put up a valiant fight. The rest of the so-called Afghan army laid down their weapons and surrendered. They weren’t about to die for a cause they don’t even fully understand.

Biden blew it

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, Joe Biden blew it. Even the Democrats are furious with the Imperial Palace. The whole key to the speedy fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban is motivation. The goat humpers were determined while the American trained Afghan army was only in it for the free stuff.

Once the bullets started flying in their direction, they dropped their weapons and started training the Taliban on how to operate all the U.S. helicopters and fighter jets left laying around. That’s after they “escorted to safety” around 5,000 of the worlds most hardened criminals, liberated from the formerly ultra-secure prison at Bagram Airbase.


Some say there is only one solution to the problem but Biden won’t have the guts to do it. He needs to bomb Afghanistan now. Maybe not with nukes but with enough of those bunker busters that they aren’t going to get any use out of the captured American equipment. All across the District of Columbia people can hear the screams wafting across the Potomac from the Pentagon.

The Taliban insurgents did in days, with smaller numbers, less sophisticated weaponry and no air power,” what Americans took months to accomplish. Their commander had been safely locked away in Guantanamo Bay until His Wisdom turned him loose in April, declaring him “no longer a threat.”

That was right about the same time that Imperial Leader Biden announced the withdrawal of all American forces. It was the kiss of death and the CIA never saw it coming.


The “intelligence agencies did not foresee a Taliban final offensive that would succeed so spectacularly.” It turns out in hindsight that “the rapid drawdown of U.S. forces sent a signal to the Afghan national forces that they were being abandoned.”


Falling like dominoes

According to Stephen Biddle, a professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, the whole thing toppled like dominoes when Joe Biden pushed it with his finger. “The problem of the U.S. withdrawal is that it sent a nationwide signal that the jig is up.

A sudden, nationwide signal that everyone read the same way.” Up until April “the Afghan government troops were slowly but steadily losing the war,” and everyone was cool with that. “When they learned that their American partners were going home, an impulse to give up without a fight ‘spread like wildfire.'”

There were a few analysts who saw the writing on the wall but they were ignored. Analyst Chris Mason warned earlier regarding “the future of Afghanistan, in blunt terms, the United States has been down this road at the strategic level twice before, in Vietnam and Iraq, and there is no viable rationale for why the results will be any different in Afghanistan. Slow decay is inevitable, and state failure is a matter of time.”

Joe Biden didn’t care about that, he needs to get an infrastructure pork package through Congress. Meanwhile the Ayatollah keeps bugging him about when his allowance is going to start up again and Xi Jinping won’t stop causing trouble in the South China Sea. Joe keeps complaining “isn’t he supposed to have staff to handle these things?”

All of the military analysts keep noting that not all the Afghan’s are cowards. “Some elements of the Afghan army did fight hard, including commandos whose heroic efforts are yet to be fully documented.”

The rest though, “amounted to a ‘house of cards’ whose collapse was driven as much by failures of U.S. civilian leaders as their military partners.” The Pentagon has been ordered to try and take some of the heat off of Biden, but it isn’t working.

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