They Won’t Stand For Biden’s BS Anymore…

On “Fox and Friends,” Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) talked with the hosts about his state’s choice to bus illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., stating that “it’s time for a showdown” in the courts.

“You’re seeing the first step in a constitutional showdown between the governor and the legislature and the state of Texas and the federal government,” Patrick stated. He then went on to slam Press Secretary Jen Psaki for declaring Texas’ relocation is merely a promotion stunt and the state has no power to implement sending out illegal immigrants to D.C.

“Let me tell you what our authority and power is,” Patrick responded. “We have an oath to defend the constitution of Texas and the United States of America and to protect the lives and welfare of our citizens,” he told “Fox and Friends.”

Patrick went on to slam the Biden regime for its seemingly unending willingness to send illegal immigrants to cities all across the U.S. except for the nation’s capital. “I wish someone would ask Jen Psaki on Monday, ‘By the way, why don’t you just welcome [illegal immigrants] to D.C.? If it’s good enough that they can go to any city in the country, what’s wrong, Jen? Why don’t you just welcome them? … Don’t you like illegal immigrants, Jen?’” Patrick asked.

“So what’s the problem?” he continued. “Because they’re being shipped all over this country in the middle of the night.”

Patrick went on to discuss a discussion he had with a mayor who called him when he discovered out Border Patrol would be sending out 100 prohibited immigrants to his town. The mayor told Patrick, “I don’t have the police force to handle, we don’t have the system to handle, we’re a small town.” Patrick told the “Fox and Friends” hosts that “this happens all the time.”

Due to the Biden administration’s choice to end Title 42, the issue might get back at worse. Last Wednesday, in reaction to President Joe Biden’s termination of Title 42, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott revealed that his state will start busing illegal immigrants captured in Texas to the country’s capital.

“With the Biden administration ending Title 42 expulsions in May, Texas will be taking its own unprecedented actions this month to do what no state in America has ever done in the history of this country to better secure our state, as well as our nation,” Abbott said.

Title 42 enabled Border Patrol to deport countless illegal immigrants and require them to await their asylum declares beyond the U.S. due to the COVID-19 health emergency situation. Now, with the ending of Title 42, professionals and Republican state leaders are alerting that illegal immigration may increase drastically.

“Revoking Title 42 will create an unprecedented surge at the southern border and it will overwhelm law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations as well,” a Republican lawsuit against the Biden administration’s rollback of Title 42 states. “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, (DHS), estimates getting rid of Title 42 will result in as many as 18,000 migrants per day – which could mean 540,000 migrants in a single month.”

H/T Daily Wire

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