Teacher Sick of the Left’s ‘Indoctrination’ of Our Children, Rips Woke Culture to Shreds in Epic Speech [Video]

A teacher is speaking out about the left’s indoctrination of our children, ripping woke culture to shreds in a fiery speech at the Loudoun County school board meeting.

Parents and teachers have been fighting back against a radical left-wing school district in Virginia that suspended a physical education teacher for publicly opposing a policy to affirm the so-called “transgender identity” of children because of his Christian faith. Byron “Tanner” Cross, the teacher, has since been reinstated to his position.

Out of all of the people fighting back against this school district, one teacher stood out. In her viral speech, she urged parents to get more involved in their children’s education, told students to not be afraid to question teachers when they hear something “ludicrous,” and encouraged teachers to resist the radical ideology being pushed on them by the school board.

“Parents, the longer that you wait and you don’t hold your child’s schools accountable gives these guys (gesturing to the school board members) more time to dictate what’s best for your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health,” she warned.

Addressing her fellow teachers, she stated: “It may seem that our careers have come to a dead end, but I’m here to remind you that we don’t work for the school board, we work to mold the next generation of well-rounded, American patriots. So don’t give up, because it is up to us.”

“Students, you’re on the front lines of these indoctrination camps, challenge the staff when you’re presented with a ludicrous statement, and do not allow anybody to tell you that you can’t accomplish anything because of your skin color or to hate yourself because of your skin color,” the teacher continued. “Students, it is up to you to be the next generation of victims or victors.”

At the end of her remarks, she called out the school board directly, telling them that the fight “is not over,” stating, as they turned off her microphone, that their “policies are just as pathetic as making us wear a mask.”

Other parents and teachers spoke out at the hearing, like mother of three Rachel Pisani, who asked: “Where is your regard for our freedom of speech? When I saw a teacher express an opinion and suspended for expressing his religious beliefs, I could no longer stay silent. When did it become acceptable to be tolerant only when someone expresses a view that we agree with?”

“When did it become appropriate to silence those that hold Christian, biblical views just because you don’t?” she added. “When did it become appropriate to allow the school board – I don’t know who you think you are – but it is not appropriate, it is not allowable to silence, bully, or dismiss our views.”

Jeremy Wright, another teacher, called the board “Chardonnay Antifa” to emphasize his point.

“For the members of Chardonnay Antifa, here is your assignment with a copy of the First Amendment attached,” he stated. “I’m going to leave this here, and I hope you learn something.”

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