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Supreme Court Decision Marked Massive Win For Conservatives

ICYMI – Conservative parents were given a huge win by the Supreme Court.

Some commonsense has seeped into court decisions.

The court struck down a previous ruling that would have allowed minor children to seek an abortion without their parents consent.

Jackson Dissent

This was the first big test for Biden’s new Supreme Court justice, and she failed.

Justice Jackson was the sole dissenting vote, somehow trying to find a reason to justify children having a medical procedure without their parents knowing about it.

Jackson wrote, “I am concerned that contemporary practice related to so called ‘Munsingwear vacaturs’ has drifted away from the doctrine’s foundational moorings.”

The case is centered around a teenager in Missouri that sought a bypass to not seek her parents permission to have the abortion.

She was refused the bypass in Missouri, so she went to a different state where the court did give her the bypass.

It is truly a sad day when a child can have a major medical procedure without any parental knowledge.

I would question the rule as well as any doctor that would be willing to conduct such a procedure.

Source: The Hill

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