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Supreme Court Pauses Order Limiting Biden Administration

In a decision that is blowing up all over the internet right now, the order to prevent Biden officials and agencies from speaking to social media outlets has been stayed.

The “shock” part of the order was that the stay was issued by Justice Alito.

I am here to tell everyone to calm down just a bit.

Normal Procedure

The Biden administration is appealing the ruling that blocked numerous Biden officials, the CDC, and the FBI from talking to social media platforms.

The lower courts had ruled that these people violated First Amendment rights during the early days of the Biden administration.

Missouri v. Biden is now going before the Supreme Court.

The case fell in Justice Samuel Alito’s districting, and he ordered a stay, but this is only temporary.

Believe me, this is normal procedure and not indicative in any way of how this case will play out once arguments are heard.

The stay is only for one week while the government responds… then the court will make a ruling on whether it will hear the case or refer back to the lower courts for reconsideration.

So, just as I tell people not to celebrate these decisions, you do not need to panic just yet.

Let’s wait until after September 22 when we learn a bit more about it.

Source: Politico

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