CCP Leaders Reportedly Dying in Droves From…

Ever since the start of the pandemic, it appears that CCP leaders have been the most terrified group of individuals when it comes to the COVID-19 virus.

As most of us are aware by now, the CCP enacted what many would agree is the world’s harshest lockdown measures in a feeble attempt to eliminate the virus.

Some of those measures include mass quarantines, mass testing, and travel restrictions for international travelers.

In fact, the “zero Covid” policy caused millions to be quarantined and even barricaded inside their homes.

And while other countries began to loosen its restrictions, China remained strict in its control over the population through late 2022.

Now, we understand exactly why the country has been so deathly scared.

Apparently many of the CCP leaders have received organ transplants through China’s forced organ harvesting program.

This program requires an individual to take a drug that prevents the body from rejected the organs, however a side effect is the person’s immune system being essentially destroyed. Of course, this makes severe complications and death from COVID-19, for example, much more likely.

Investigative reporter and China expert Josh Philipp explained:

“Chinese medicine is based very heavily on organ health. In fact, if you read Chinese medicine, a lot of it’s about different foods or medicines that treat specific organs. They will talk about different illnesses as being basically imbalances within the different organs of the body. And so they’ll try to supplement those organs in different ways to bring harmony back to the body.”

The country has an extensive history of forced organ harvesting from ‘undesirables’, where individuals are killed and their organs are given to CCP leaders or sold on the black market.

Apparently Congress was told in early 2022 that up to 50,000 victims were murdered every year to harvest their organs.

Philipp stated, “They don’t care about killing people. They don’t care about the consequences of that. The human suffering element means nothing to them.”

He continued:

Now why do organ transplants matter in the context of what we’re talking about with COVID-19? A very simple answer. If you get an organ transplant, your body will reject the organ unless you take a specific medication called an anti-rejection drug. What do anti-rejection drugs do? They suppress your immune system because it is your immune system that will reject the organ. They need to suppress the immune system. Shut down the immune system, basically. Right? And you’re basically dependent then on the medical industry.

For Chinese Communist party leaders, that’s not a big deal. They think health problems are related to organ health. If they contract a new illness, they’ll just get a new dang organ. Chinese medicine would suggest the cause, based on organs, of most modern diseases. You contract something, you’re gonna die from it, get a new organ — good as new. They don’t care about being immunocompromised, but they are terrified of things like this because again, they have no immune system.

Covid for them is like the black plague. It’s like the grim reaper knocking door to door. They are legitimately terrified of Covid. That is the reason why they have zero Covid. And that’s also the reason why, frankly, they’re dying right now — based on my analysis — why CCP leadership is dying right now. And many more will very likely die because, folks, they’re immunocompromised.

They’ve got no immune systems and they can’t keep the genie in the bottle anymore. The CCP model is failing before our eyes and maybe the CCP as well.


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