SICK! A Hateful Arsonist Has Just Burned A Historic Church To The Ground…

Pro-abortion extremists’ latest violent attack burned down a historic West Virginia Catholic Church just recently.

The suspected arson attack caused the complete destruction of the St. Colman Catholic Church in Shady Spring, West Virginia on June 27.

The once 135-year-old white church was registered in the National Register of Historic Places and considered “The Little Catholic Church on Irish Mountain.”

Back in the 1800s, Irish immigrant families settled the church and began to farm the land surrounding it. In fact, this was the first Roman Catholic Church in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

The Beaver Volunteer Fire Department in Raleigh County responded to the call about a structure fire, however sadly found the church “burned to the ground and smoldering” when they arrived.

Here’s what the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department said in a Facebook post:

“On 6/26/2022 units from Beaver VFD were alerted to a structure fire at the Saint Colman Catholic Church on Irish Mountain Road in Shady Spring, WV.”

The Department stated that the fire was “suspicious in nature” and is currently being investigated as arson.

Wesley Bennett, who helped maintain the church and cemetery over the years, expressed the outlet how the arsonist’s actions were unfathomable.

Here’s what Bennett said:

“I’m sure you and myself and most people have trouble understanding what kind of mindset it takes to damage a place like that, that has so much history involved, that means so much to so many people,” Bennett said.

“They’ve not only robbed the Catholics in our area of a historical treasure, they’ve robbed our entire area of a treasure. And it can’t be replaced,” he said.

Social media users shared their distress over the recent loss, with one comment stating, “Pure evil caused this. They can destroy a building but not the Spirit of those who built and watched over it through all these years.”

“This is such a shame, it was a beautiful little church and we enjoyed visiting. Our family has relatives buried in the cemetery there and many years ago attended,” another commented.

A recent memo from the Department of Homeland Security warned of increased pro-abortion extremist attacks, many perpetrated by the radical “Jane’s Revenge” terrorist group. DHS had also specifically told Catholic Churches to be cautious of the group promising a “Night of Rage.”

Citizens with more information about the incident should contact Trooper D. Daniels at (304) 256-6700, the WV State Fire Marshal’s Arson Hotline, 1 (800) 233-3473, notify Crime Stoppers of Raleigh County at 304-255-STOP or visit

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