One renegade RINO has the Arizona GOP in such total panic that it’s attracting national attention. The rabidly liberal publication known as “Salon” just weighed in on the state’s highly controversial Senate race. They’re gloating over the likely possibility that the traditionally far-right state will flip “blue” in the fall.

RINO reject highlights party hypocrisy

Salon really can’t be blamed for trying to beat the drum for their side in the battle, but contrary to the fantasies described in their article, it isn’t because Arizona is moving to the left ideologically. Democrats have been working hard to gain inroads in the state but a major victory is about to be handed to them on a silver platter. Arizona voters have declared they won’t elect another RINO but the GOP doesn’t want to hear it.

What’s happening in Arizona puts a major national issue under the microscope. The Copper State would rather elect a Democrat who acts like a Republican than a Republican who acts like a Democrat. Astronaut Mark Kelly proves that DINO’s aren’t extinct and he’s chasing RINO Martha McSally right out of Washington. She never should have been there in the first place.


While Donald Trump ran for office in 2016, RINO John McCain managed to hold his seat for another term. RINO Jeff Flake still had 2 years left on his one and only term. Both were listed as Republican but acted and voted Democrat. Arizona was “Blue” in 2016 for all practical purposes. Jeff Flake was expected to be challenged in 2018 by popular conservative Republican Dr. Kelli Ward, who was favored to win by a landslide. Somehow, in the primary, RINO Martha McSally was sprung on the voters by surprise. In a fit of rage over the deception, far-right independent voters intentionally elected moderate DINO Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. They clearly told the GOP NO MORE RINO’S. Not long after John McCain passed away, RINO Governor Doug Ducey double crossed the voters and appointed reject Martha McSally. That moment, the GOP sealed their fate.

GOP was on notice for years

Now that the 2020 primary is over, McSally is once again the chosen GOP candidate. Once again, the RINO is going to be rejected. The GOP has been on notice for two years and still won’t accept the facts. As Salon writes, “Republicans are terrified” that conservative voters “could flip the state to the Democrats.” The Democrats are dumping millions into the state to help make sure it happens. If you look closer, like under a microscope, you notice that what we really have with Sinema and Kelly is a “Red” state because both of them seem reasonable. Sinema has been listening to her constituents and a lot easier to work with than the flake who preceded her. Kelly is a former astronaut with an engineering background and a fan of Ayn Rand. What the voters are doing is merely setting things right in an upside down Orwellian world.


Salon doesn’t want to admit that President Donald Trump is heavily favored to win in Arizona. There are some state level contests legitimately in play, and may the best candidate win. The only race that matters is the one for U.S. Senate. When RINO McSally is ejected, “Arizona would have two Democratic senators for the first time since 1953.” They know that this is an intentional act on the part of hard-core conservatives but try to take the credit anyway. “195,000 of them were crossover voters.” Those are Republicans who voted for McSally. “what’s really interesting that we’ve seen so far is there’s actually some of those folks that are Trump-Kelly voters.”

That’s “certainly within the realm of possibility,” agrees Paul Bentz. he ran the campaign for Governor “Woo Hoo” Jan Brewer, back in 2010. Recent polls of Arizona “have consistently shown McSally trailing Kelly, often by significant margins.” Democrat Felecia Rotellini admits, “the president has a better chance of winning Arizona right now than McSally does. His base is more supportive of him.” She adds, “Arizonans are fed up” with Republicans.” Well, at least the RINO ones. As Salon notes, RINO “Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has seen his approval rating plummet.” Not only did he grease McSally into McCain’s seat, he botched the Covid-19 response too.

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