Biden Admits They DON’T Have the Votes

Imperial Leader Joe Biden was forced to admit that they won’t be able to railroad former President Donald Trump’s impeachment conviction as planned. It appears that the Senate isn’t as firmly locked into New World Order as the Democrats would like.

Biden admits Senate defeat

There are still a significant number of patriotic believers in the American Constitution fighting a desperate, Alamo-like, last stand for the Republic.

In fact, a sufficient number of them to repel an impeachment conviction of Donald Trump in the Senate. CNN wasn’t happy when Biden informed them that “he didn’t think enough” senators would vote to convict.

Democrats in the House couldn’t wait for Nancy Pelosi to deliver their beloved articles of impeachment against the only president in generations who stood up for the Constitution, secure borders, and the rule of law. Globalists like Joe Biden who virtually had borders erased under Barack Obama were furious at Trump’s rampant nationalism.

It undid decades of their work. In the eyes of Democrats, he must be punished, and punished severely. Otherwise, all those deplorable “conservatives” might start trying to exercise what used to be rights under the Second Amendment.

Nervous political observers in the left-wing media call it “an early sign of Trump’s enduring sway over the party.” Biden and his ilk refuse to consider the fact that the patriot movement was in full swing long before they adopted Donald Trump as their negotiator-in-chief. Okay, so negotiations have broken down. The figurehead of Nationalism did his best.

Conservative Americans have been crushed by the New World Order in such political battles before. Trump did not create the movement, the movement produced Trump. Another standard bearer will eventually materialize and the revolution will keep rolling along. Unless the Democrats crush it out of existence before it goes another turn. They just learned that’s not going to be as easy as they thought.

A solemn and ceremonial march

Nine House prosecutors worked round the clock for days to craft one single charge they hope to make stick. They decided on “incitement of insurrection.” Totally ignoring the Democrat insurrection which raged all through the past year, they held a “solemn and ceremonial march to the Senate.”

The lead inquisitor, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, read it into the record charging Trump with “high crimes and misdemeanors.” A staged false-flag patriot invasion of the Capitol Building insured Joe Biden would be installed as arranged and set the wheels in motion for a plan to discredit and cancel out of existence not only Donald Trump, but all of his deplorable “supporters” as well.

The Republican party has been exposed as just another bunch of Democrats in disguise, with a handful of notable exceptions who stand out because their so-called colleagues are ganging up to throw them under the bus. Today, Democrats think they rule the world but those holdouts will either form the core of a new party or, more likely, embrace the already existing Libertarian party.

Libertarians will be glad to welcome any conservative who just wants to live, let live, and be left alone. Their motto is don’t tread on anyone and their main principle is that government is evil so if we must have some, it should be as limited as possible. That gives Joe Biden nightmares.

Biden looked into CNN’s camera late Monday to insist that the impeachment trial “has to happen.” If not, disgruntled conservative citizens might get the idea to take up pitchforks and torches. The newly appointed Governor of North Central America believes there would be “a worse effect if it didn’t happen.”

They have it set up to be a kangaroo court with Democrats serving as “Judge Judy and executioner,” to mangle a phrase. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy will be presiding over the entirely Democrat controlled proceedings. Even so, Libertarian Senator Rand Paul along with patriots like Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, Joni Ernst and Tom Cotton will lead the resistance and are expected to defeat the Democrats in the final battle.

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