REPORT: Trump ‘Furious And Beyond Angry’ After First Day of Dem Hoax Trial

Former President Donald Trump is rightfully furious after the way his lawyers performed on day one of the Democrat’s kangaroo court of an impeachment trial in the Senate. Two low laying sources leaked his reaction to the press.

Senate trial off to rocky start

The sham of a Senate impeachment trial got off to a rocky start and the performance of Former President Trump’s legal team gave him reason to be “furious and beyond angry.” What makes it even worse is the news reports about his reaction prove that Mar-a-Lago is infested with rats.

The two-legged kind. Two turncoats afraid to give their names because it would cost them their jobs told unfair and imbalanced Faux News he didn’t do any golfing because he was too busy jumping up and down screaming at Bruce Castor on the TV.


Trump wasn’t the only one totally disappointed with Castor’s “rambling opening argument.” He talked for almost an hour without saying a word. If he didn’t plan to throw the former president under the bus at the start of the trial, it sure seemed that way.

Everyone on the legal team agreed the best defense was to emphasize how unconstitutional it is to impeach someone who’s no longer in office. Castor couldn’t keep the explanation simple.

Half of America was trying to figure out what Nebraska had to do with the impeachment for instance. Castor lost everyone with the line “Nebraska, you’re going to hear, is quite a judicial thinking place.”


Semantic content zero. The whole time the trial was on Trump was watching from his private quarters. The plan for day two is a rerun.

Where’s the ‘unity’ man?

Meanwhile, back at the Imperial Palace, Joe Biden is laying as low as the rats in Mar-a-Lago and distancing himself from the trial. “At a time when he certainly could opt to reduce the political temperature in the country, Mr. Biden apparently is taking a pass.”

He’s hanging around with Vice-Empress Kamala Harris and it’s more of a “puff-puff-pass” kind of situation. He loves it when she breaks out the strain that makes you hear music from the future.

Instead of acting like an Imperial Leader during the historic farce of a trial, Fox notes, Biden is “opting instead to not weigh in as his predecessor’s being impeached once again.”

Hey, where’s the unity man? Critics call the “deafening silence from the White House” hypocrisy on the part of the left.

There was a huge shake up in the legal team just ahead of the trial. The former team flatly refused to even mention election integrity. It’s a dead horse, they insisted, and they didn’t want to ride it any further so they walked off into the sunset.

The new team was smart enough to realize that the best bet was relying on the Senators who are already convinced the whole game is unconstitutional. The only problem is they can’t seem to communicate. The Senators have pretty much made up their minds ahead of time. Six traitors are likely to vote to convict but the Democrats won’t get anywhere close to the 17 they need.

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