Pentagon SHOCK Admission… It’s Happening Any Day

The Pentagon has had a tough time, and it just got tougher.

Officials made a rather stunning admission while on the Hill recently.

Going against previous assessments that China may make a move on Taiwan around 2027, a commanding admiral stated that it could actually happen at any time.

Could Happen Any Day

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) Commander Adm. John Aquilino was in the hot seat this week when he gave up the tapes that China could be making a move years earlier than intelligence reports suggested.

I just stated the other day that after China updated its draft, it was clearly getting ready to make a move.

Aquilino confirmed that, stating, , “For me it doesn’t matter what the timeline is.

“The secretary [of defense] has given me this mission today, so I’m responsible to prevent this conflict today, and if deterrence were to fail to be able to fight and win.

“So the timeline — everybody will have an opinion on when it is.

“I think everybody’s guessing.”

Jedidiah Royal, principal deputy assistant secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs, seemed to agree.

Royal stated, “President Xi has been very assertive in conducting a coercion campaign against Taiwan.

“We believe that he does intend to build a capable force that could stand to threaten Taiwan over time.”

If that happens, Joe Biden will have cemented himself as the worst foreign policy president in modern history, if he has not already.

Source: Daily Caller

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