Community Left to Defend Itself After Police Prevented From Intervening

The citizens of France face the fourth consecutive night of rioting after a 17-year-old French teenager of Algerian descent was shot and killed by police. As the situation continues to spiral out of control the French government has deployed 40,000 police officers across major municipalities. There have already been multiple reports that gangs of rioters roamed the streets over the weekend heavily armed with guns.

French President Emmanuel Macron authorized the use of armored vehicles on Friday in an effort to extinguish the riots.

Officials reported that over 600 arrests had been made before the weekend, while over 230 police officers had been injured by rioters.

Macron finally addressed the situation in a series of statements last Friday. This was of course after the French president enjoyed Elton John concerts and vacation time while the French people watched their communities burn.

Macron claimed that most of those arrested were “youths” and called on parents to intervene. He also blamed everything except the government-induced immigration problem for the shooting, such as video games, as a possible cause of the nation’s worst rioting since 2005. ”

We sometimes have the feeling that some of them are living out, in the streets, the video games that have intoxicated them,” Macron said of the rioters.

The Daily Mail reported that Officials claimed that there were more than 3,800 fires on public roads on Friday night, while more than 500 buildings were set on fire.

Throughout the weekend rioters, who were predominantly African and Middle Eastern migrants, continued to loot stores, burn vehicles and attack French citizens. Unfortunately, French communities have been largely left on their own to survive as law enforcement has been unable to intervene in many cases.

Such tensions in communities are due largely to mass immigration of Middle Eastern and African communities who do not want to assimilate into their new homelands’ culture and way of life. This begs the question of why they immigrated in the first place if they planned to just isolate themselves in their own communities and live by their own laws.

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