One Photo Of Crooked Kamala Will Have Smoke Coming From Your Ears!

One Photo Of Crooked Kamala Will Have Smoke Coming From Your Ears!

While it doesn’t take much to infuriate many Americans regarding Kamala Harris, this one has to take the cake. A photo of her has gone viral, and it perfectly describes the elitism and hypocrisy that oozes from Harris and the rest of the left.

It is honestly amazing that anyone still trusts and believes in the Democrat Party after their actions over the past two years during the pandemic, yet they still have a significant amount of the country under their spell.

Politicians are obsessed with their photo-ops, trying to show their constituents that they are just like them… But, are they? The COVID pandemic proved to many of us that they definitely aren’t, and this situation is no different.

Kamala Harris somehow thought that this photo-op was a good look for her, as she stood holding the hands of two little black girls who were both wearing masks. The only problem? Harris was maskless.

This is just another disgusting image that highlights the COVID elitism and class warfare that the American people have witnessed throughout this entire “pandemic.”

Yet, somehow Kamala thinks this looks touching and warm… Here’s some news for her: It doesn’t.

Check it out:

Here is a close-up of that so-called “touching moment.”

Luckily, social media quickly blew up with some responses that bring back our faith in the world, as people called out Kamala for her actions. Here’s just a sampling of what people had to say, courtesy of Patriot Nation Press:

“This should 100% infuriate you as a parent!!”

“Look at her face. Pure EVIL. She’s enjoying it”

“The strategy is CHILD ABUSE”

“Serious question…Is this science?”

“Children are not the risk, child abuser. Please stop being a child abuser. 🙄 so unproductive of the US or being a US citizen.”

“This is the most hate-worth adult in the country” 

“Look at her smug face. This is the world they want.”

“Shamefully showing her smirking unmasked face… Absolutely vile.”

“Blood boiling moment. A savage woman this one.”

“This is just narcissism on display. Everyone else must mask, so they don’t have to.”

“Big me little you…that’s the message on full display” 

“It doesn’t matter how many of these pictures appear, children masked to ‘protect’ the rich elite, they don’t show any shame and most of the public just accept it. Tragic stupidity man industrial scale.”

“So sad to see how ignorant, insensitive and arrogant the elites are to average human being these days!”

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