NY Mayor Eric Adams Under FBI Investigation [Report]

New York mayor Eric Adams apparently didn’t learn much from the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. Now, he’s under FBI investigation for doing the same thing. He “and his aides used private email addresses, and possibly a private server, to correspond about official business during a 2014 trip to China.” One of the people they were emailing was later busted for running an unofficial Chinese police station in New York’s Chinatown.

Adams used private email

Federal investigators have been digging into Eric Adams and the ties his administration have with Turkey. While they were matching up records in “an alleged straw-donor scheme involving Winnie Greco,” they noticed the senior adviser “has facilitated his meetings with Chinese officials.

That raised a few eyebrows because “China’s efforts to co-opt local officials has grown” in recent years.

When general counsel for the current Brooklyn borough administration got a FOIA request, for everything related to a junket Adams took to China, during his first year as Brooklyn borough president, they got a note instead.

The borough “could not provide certain documents” from Adams’ trip because “this office would lack access to the prior administration’s records maintained on private servers.” Not only that, because “documents could be on a private Google Drive.

Using personal email addresses for official business is something New York frowns upon. It “could violate records-retention guidelines and conceal communications subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law.

Apparently, that’s what’s happening here. It seems that Adams took a weeklong trip to China paid for by “The Sino-America New York Brooklyn Archway Association Corp.” They’re led by Winnie Greco.

They sent Adams to Chaoyang and covered trip expenses.

Questions about the funding

The group “sought to install in Brooklyn a Chinese friendship archway donated by Beijing’s Chaoyang district.” They sent Adams to Chaoyang and “covered trip expenses, according to media reports at the time.

Any questions about the trip’s funding were “directed to Greco, who was then Adams’ unpaid liaison to the Chinese community.

One memo notes “that the governments of Yiwu, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Taishan also provided lodging, meals, and transportation during visits to those cities.” Adams did actually sign “sister-city pacts with Yiwu and Chaoyang.” His aides apparently had some questions about how to report things. He sent them an email.

It is not our job to give the cost of any item on the trip. Information of cost of hotel, food, etc that is paid for by china government or the Sino American is not our role to report. . [sic] We don’t ask the government how much they paid for dinner.

That doesn’t mean they could forget about record keeping. “If anyone wants that information they must get it from them. In our report we will list the item (ie. food, hotel, travel) and only who paid.” That email was on his official account. He “also used two private email addresses, [email protected] and [email protected], to write to aides about a press conference that would take place upon his return.

The really interesting part is that “the same day he emailed aides about the press conference, Adams dined with an individual, Harry Lu, whom the FBI arrested last year for setting up an illegal Chinese-regime police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown.” The feds are convinced Lu is a major player in Chinese intelligence. “After his arrest last April, City Hall denied that Adams knew Lu.” His emails say otherwise. Stay tuned for more details as this new scandal unfolds.

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