North Carolina Says Screw the Audit, We Want to Check the Machines

As Election Integrity investigations move forward all over the country, in North Carolina: The House Freedom Caucus of the State legislature is moving forward with inspection of the actual voting machines in random precincts rather than just an Audit to ensure that any possible tampering cannot be remedied prior to inspection.

UniteAmericaFirst reports,

“The Caucus disclosed to these NCSBE (North Carolina State Board of Elections) representatives that a subpoena will be ordered with the intention to visit a local precinct, at random, to investigate whether or not specific machines are being tampered with. “

On June 23rd The North Carolina House Freedom Caucus released a statement regarding the inspection of the Elections Systems & Software (ES&S) voting equipment,


“This week, members of the House Freedom Caucus met with employees of Elections Systems & Software, a company based in Omaha, with large ties to the state of North Carolina. In the 2020 elections, 94 out of 100 counties used ES&S systems to conduct voting. The Freedom Caucus learned that ES&S uses a series of 3 machines, most counties using their DS200 model, to count ballots.

The Caucus found that the machines do not host modems that are hackable, nor is any of the software programmed to recognize any foreign hardware or physical tampering. The machines themselves have been build to be extremely secure. Any tampering possible would be credited to the precincts themselves.

On Wednesday, the Freedom Caucus met to discuss these findings in front of Brian Neesby, Information Officer, and Patrick Gannon, Legal Counsel, both with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.


The Caucus disclosed to these NCSBE representatives that a subpoena will be ordered with the intention to visit a local precinct, at random, to investigate whether or not specific machines are being tampered with.

The House Freedom Caucus has cleared any liabilities with ES&S and will continue further investigating the NCSBE to identify potential compromises in the security of our state’s elections systems.

Chairman of the Caucus, Representative Kidwell said, “I am confident the issue is not with the machines. The state is doing it’s job and the equipment is secure. The issue overall is with our Board of Election’s transparency.” Updates in the coming weeks are to follow.”

Freedom Caucus Pushing the Board of Elections For Answers

Calls For Them To Publish All Audit Data

Lawmakers in North Carolina have been pursuing answers from the NCSBE for months and their efforts seem to be coming to fruition. NC Representative and Secretary of the Caucus Jeff McNeely said of the Board, “We are just trying to see if there are any legs to the rumors we hear about ballots and machines, we want to know if there is anything that could have been changed by the machines, we gave them a deadline to get back to us.”

“I believe the information in what we call the ‘hand to eye audits’ needs to be public, and we need to make sure those tallies match what the machines came up with, currently they are not public and they should be,”

McNeely continued, drawing attention to the massive infusion of money Mark Zuckerberg pushed into the electoral process of his state.

“We know that Mark Zuckerberg gave 5-6 Million dollars to counties in North Carolina, but we don’t have an accounting on that. We are working on a bill that would make it law to evenly distribute that money to our 100 counties. But as it is now, we do not know where that money went or what it went for,”

Some may scoff at efforts like those that are underway in North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia to Audit the election, but when Democrats are pushing back as hard as they are, that should tell you that even states where President Trump ‘won’ need to be investigated. We must insist on a full forensic audit in all fifty states.


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