New Biden Admin Scandal Emerges, Lawmakers DEMAND Investigation

No matter how hard he tried, Imperial Leader Joe Biden couldn’t help getting caught smack in the middle of another scandal. This latest one was uncovered by conservative Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming. He’s demanding a probe of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. She’s been taking lessons from Nancy Pelosi on how to make a fortune from insider trading schemes.

Latest Palace scandal

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm hasn’t even settled in to her new office yet and she’s already facing an investigation scandal.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, a conservative who’s still registered as Republican, asked the “watchdog” arm of the Department of Energy to investigate Granholm and “her involvement” with the “leading manufacturer of electric buses, batteries, and charging stations.” She owns a big piece of Proterra.


According to the letter Barrasso wrote on Tuesday to the DOE Inspector General, Teri Donaldson, Granholm is up to no good and she’s going to make a fortune doing it. Nobody noticed that the new Energy Minister has around five million dollars tied up in Proterra until His Wisdom took a tour of the factory recently.

The scandal erupted when Joe Biden personally promised “that he was going to set up 50,000 charging stations.” All the employees standing around and cheering the news were pretty much convinced that he was talking about using Proterra chargers.

Because that puts Granholm in “a position to aid” because of her job, it creates what’s called a “conflict of interest” which makes it more than just a little tiny scandal.


To duck under the radar, she already announced plans to sell her stock, but not just yet. She wants 180 days from being confirmed which gives her “six months to make money from her stock options.”

Review the supply chain

Imperial Leader Biden already assigned Granholm the task of “reviewing the electric-vehicle battery supply chain.” His handlers got the Democrats to include “$174 billion in his infrastructure spending plan” devoted to the charging equipment scheme.

Washington observers point out that the scandal is the fact “she will be able to spend tax dollars to boost Proterra’s stock prices.” All the liberals who screamed bloody murder that former President Donald Trump “made money on the presidency” are strangely silent.

Senator Barrasso also happens to be the “ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.”

That makes the Granholm scandal his problem and he takes it seriously. He wrote a “letter of concern” on Tuesday and sent it off to the office which covers internal investigations for the Department of Energy to do something about it.

“I ask that your office determine the facts surrounding any potential conflicts of interest in connection with this matter.”

Based on past performance of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and other fizzled prosecutions the watchdogs don’t seem to have sharp enough teeth to dig into a meaty scandal, so Jennifer Granholm could end up getting away with owning millions of dollars worth of stock in a company that has a direct stake in her department’s work.

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