Nancy Pelosi Concedes

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi caved in to conservative demands and conceded to allow an equal number of Republicans as Democrats on her proposed “9/11-style” commission. The left is itching to “investigate” the barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. She still doesn’t get the message that the number of commissioners isn’t the real sticking point. Conservatives won’t stand for another witch-hunt.

Pelosi backs down

According to the latest reports from Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi is backing down to Republicans. She appears to be throwing them a bone but that’s simply misdirection.

Conservatives object to her whole liberal scheme to start another one-sided witch-hunt with a predetermined outcome. Exactly like what happened with Grand Inquisitor Mueller and his attempted Trump burning.

After initially trying to pack the panel with seven Democrats and only 4 Republicans, Pelosi backed down. She “is now offering up a proposal that would give Democrats and Republicans an equal number of seats on the commission.”

Staffers leaked previously that Nancy’s plot is to “salvage” the commission by evening the playing field to diffuse “GOP resistance to the idea of having Democrats have majority control.” That sidesteps the real issue and she thinks she can get away with it.

While there have been “bipartisan calls for a commission to offer a full accounting of the circumstances that led to the deadly siege,” the Republicans want the whole story.

Democrats only want to focus on the potentially “false-flag” invasion of the Capitol Building. That’s been the real issue since Pelosi announced her scheme back in February.

For appearance only

When Pelosi first broke the news to the world, she envisioned a committee modeled on the 9/11 commission, which had an even split of five Democrats and five Republicans. The Speaker wanted Democrat control from the beginning so she can pre-select the outcome.

She never really planned for that to stick but it gives her negotiating leverage. She can back down on that because if she gets her panel, the job is done. Even split equally, there are lots of RINO Republicans who can be appointed for appearance only. Mitt Romney for instance.

Pelosi and the Democrats are convinced they can pin total responsibility for all the civil unrest and insurrection on former President Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters. That will make it so much easier to cancel the Constitution and ease the transition to global open borders government.

The only way they can do that is by focusing everyone’s attention on what happened January sixth. Every day, more and more evidence is coming out of secret government departments and psychological warfare units being involved on the fringes and on the ground when it all happened. Then there is the question of how the invaders breached security with such ease. Almost as if it was planned to happen. On “cue” spelled with a “Q.”

Republicans rightfully insist that if we’re going to have an independent investigation, they should investigate the whole story. All of the violence and unrest which led up to and culminated with the barbarians at the gate.

Both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have made it crystal clear to Pelosi that the only way conservatives will agree to set up the panel is after “the scope for the commission’s work” is expanded to cover the Antifa-linked Black Lives Matter riots too, no matter how the panel is split.

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