MSNBC Host Goes on Non-Muslim Rant

MSNBC Host Goes on Non-Muslim Rant

A prominent MSNBC host is under fire after an old recording resurfaced of him referring to non-Muslims as animals and cattle, and comparing gays to pedophiles.

Thanks to former Navy Intel Officer and Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, a damning recording of Mehdi Hasan, host of “The Mehdi Hasan Show” on MSNBC has resurfaced. On Twitter, Posobiec is known for bringing the “receipts,” meaning that he always has dirt/proof/evidence to back up his claims or to fire back at any leftist trying to attack him or any other conservative on the social media site.

This time, Posobiec pulled out the “receipts” on Mehdi Hasan in response to the MSNBC host’s attempts to slander him, along with two of Newsweek’s opinion editors, Batya Ungar-Sargon and Josh Hammer, for publishing a piece written by Posobiec entitled “This Year’s Olympics Will Double as Xi Jinping’s Coronation.”

In response, Posobiec initially shared a meme with a quote from Hasan, calling non-Muslims and athiests “people of no intelligence” and “cattle.”

“This you?” he asked.

Taking it one step further, Posobiec then posted the video of the MSNBC host making his bigoted comments, in which he compared non-Muslims and atheists to “cattle,” and included “homosexuals” in a long list of disgusting behaviors and and categories including pedophilia and bestiality, all of which he claims are transgressive of Islam.

“All of these ulama unanimously agree that at the very minimum if Yazid was not a Kaffir — then at the very minimum he was a fasiq, a transgressor, a breaker of Islamic laws, a corrupt individual, a tyrant, a killer a drunkard, a dog lover, a music lover, a homosexual, a pedophile, a sexual deviant, someone who slept with his own mother,” Hasan said in the sermon.

“In this respect the Koran describes the atheist as cattle. As cattle of those who grow the crops and do not stop and wonder about this world,” he added.WATCH:
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