Disgruntled Employee Literally Brings Down The House

Dramatic footage captures the actions of an irate employee.

An excavator operator demolishes a structure at the Pride of Rosseau Marina on the Muskoka Lakes.

The area is a popular summer destination for many Ontarians known for its luxurious cottages and expensive boats.

The demolition job was caught on camera by shocked residents.

The footage was shared online with the caption: “You can’t make this up,” the resident wrote, “A disgruntled, fired employee from a marina near our lake house snapped and destroyed the entire marina with an excavator.”

Comments on the post indicate that the damage was done by a furious employee who was fired recently.

His actions seem to be in retaliation for “being fired.”

The video shows an excavator clawing through the walls of a Pride Marine Group building.

Police arrived at the scene and charged the 59-year-old man with mischief in relation to the incident.

The man was also issued a fine of £3,200 and is scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

The Ontario Provincial Police, however, were not immediately available for comment. “We would never release anyone’s employment record,” said policeman Gosia Puzio, “In this case, it’s not relevant.”

According to Geordie Newlands, owner of SWS Muskoka, which also has marinas nearby, the whole incident was “terrible”.

He claimed that other buildings had suffered damage and predicted that the cost of repairs may be “in the millions.”

“Luckily nobody got hurt, which is a good thing,” he said. “It was almost surreal what happened. For something like that to happen… it’s like fiction.”

Sources: Westernjournal, Mirror, Moneycontrol


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