Mitch McConnell Condemns Own Party

Mitch McConnell has firmly established himself as one of the rare Republicans who can put even most Democrats to shame with his sliminess. The Senate Minority Leader criticized the Republican National Committee for censuring House Republicans who are participating in the farcical Congressional January 6 investigation. McConnell claimed that the national party is meant to lend unconditional support to Republican members, a stance that contradicts recent history.

A selective memory

The vast majority of Republican voters and elected officials agree that the Democrat-led January 6 committee is a partisan witch hunt meant to prop up the Biden administration.

Mitch McConnell thinks that it’s inappropriate for the RNC to acknowledge this and follow the wishes of the voters and those who represent them.

It would be an understandable, if somewhat misguided, stance if McConnell applied this rule universally and offered public support to every Republican in Congress.

In fact, McConnell rushed to offer support to the Republicans who are cooperating with the Democrats, but he has ignored or even condemned Republicans on the party’s right wing who have faced similar attacks.

When Democrats accused Iowa Representative Steve King, a longtime Republican, of racism in 2019, McConnell was one of the first to join them in calling for King to be ousted.

The party nationally bowed to the wishes of the Democrats and withdrew support for King’s reelection campaign, with a clear endorsement from McConnell.

Mitch McConnell lies about his principles

Even if all the accusations against Steve King were completely true, the event would prove that Mitch McConnell is a liar and a tool of the left.

McConnell justifies his enthusiastic support for Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger by saying that the party needs to offer support to sitting members, even if they are openly collaborating with the other party on vital issues.

So why has McConnell not called for the RNC to offer support to Republicans like Steve King, Marjorie Taylor Green, or Paul Gosar when they have been left to fend for themselves, or even condemned by the party at large?

Of course, everyone knows that Mitch McConnell primarily cares about Mitch McConnell’s career. If pandering to the left is what it takes to keep his job, Mitch will do it with no hesitation.

This is why the senator was so perfectly willing to make the appalling claim that the United States is forever tainted by an “original sin” of racism while the BLM riots of 2020 were ravaging American cities.

One of the tragedies of the American political system is the fact that someone like Mitch McConnell, disliked and distrusted by the vast majority of voters on both sides, can cling to power indefinitely simply by being so skilled at operating within the depths of the swamp.

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