Marshals Issued ‘No Arrest’ Orders Allowing SCOTUS Intimidation

Americans upset with the separate systems of justice for conservatives and liberals are enraged to hear that U.S. Marshals assigned to protect Supreme Court justices’ homes were ordered not to arrest anyone. Not unless they totally couldn’t avoid it. Anything short of setting a cop or a Justice on fire was to be ignored.

Don’t arrest anyone

U.S. Marshals were directednot” to arrest protesters disturbing the peace of Supreme Court justices “unless absolutely necessary,” fresh evidence reveals. When Merrick Garland faced the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday, he wasn’t prepared for the grilling he got from Alabama Senator Katie Britt.

She was well prepared for her interrogation with visual aids. Specifically, “a series of training slides used to prepare Marshals for their assignments.

All Garland could do was sit there stunned as one slide after another hit him between the eyes like an assault hammer. The images made it clear in living color that U.S. Marshals were “to ‘avoid​, unless absolutely necessary,​ any criminal enforcement​‘​ ​involving protesters and that ‘making arrests and initiating prosecutions was not the goal‘ of their being stationed outside the residences of the court’s six conservative jurists.

Arrest was clearly not an option. It also proves that the Just Us Department makes up the laws as they go along. The ones written down on paper are merely “suggestions” and never pertain to them. On “more than one occasion, protesters stood outside Justice Clarence Thomas’ residence shouting ‘no privacy for us, no peace for you.

Garland couldn’t deny that the word “not” in that last slide “was italicized and underlined for emphasis” because it was staring him in the face. The reason given for the no arrest policy was “to allow the protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights.” The only enforcement of law they could provide was in the case of a need to “protect the justices and their families.

Other than that, the protected protesters could howl and screech, day and night, as much as they wanted. Garland didn’t care that there’s a law to protect the Justices from any sort of “picket or parade near a judge’s residence with the intent to interfere, obstruct or impede the administration of justice.” These are “conservative” justices, so don’t qualify for protection under the law. Meanwhile, anarchist liberals ARE protected.

Obtained from whistleblower

Garland claimed never to have seen these slides before and the Senator believed him. She only got to see them because a Justice Department whistleblower “objected to Garland’s March 1 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.” That means she’s also setting him up for perjury charges if he lied to Congress.

Even with evidence to the contrary staring back at him Garland continued to insist that Marshals could arrest anyone they wanted. They were “empowered to decide in the field whether to make arrests.” Oh really? Senator Britt quizzed. Let’s take a look at another slide, shall we.

The next image to pop up “directed Marshals to clear any ‘enforcement action‘ with the local U.S. Attorney’s office ‘in advance‘ and warned: ‘It is counter-productive to make [probable cause] arrests on cases that the U.S.AO will not charge and prosecute.'”

In other words, any discretion in the field was superseded by the Just Us Department. The next question she asked made Garland wonder if he might be next for arrest. “Were you, at any point before your testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee, aware of these training materials or the fact that the Marshals had been heavily discouraged from making arrests?

Garland claimed his plausible deniability. He stays out of some official loops for a reason. “This is the first time I’ve seen the slide deck,” he hedged. He may not have seen it but didn’t deny being aware of what it said. He had to choose his words carefully because those might have been his own orders staring back at him.

He did mention that “he was the first attorney general to ever order Marshals to protect the justices at their homes around the clock.” Even if they weren’t allowed to actually protect them. One person actually was placed under arrest, after protests at the homes of six justices. “Nicholas Roske, was arrested outside of Kavanaugh’s home in early June by U.S. Marshals after he hatched a plot to kill the justice.

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