Man Robs Wells Fargo, Moments Later Makes Deposit

Man Robs Wells Fargo, Moments Later Makes Deposit

A 44 year old California man decided that the best course of action after robbing a Wells Fargo bank was to stop at the ATM outside and make a cash deposit.

McRoberts Williams, 44, was arrested on Saturday, December 11th after police say he robbed the Wells Fargo bank on Old Capitol Trail at the Prices Corner Shopping Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

The suspect handed the teller a note stating that he was robbing the bank at approximately 11:20 a.m., according to Delaware State Police.


The 25 year old teller then handed Williams an undisclosed amount of cash, and he left the bank. Some reports indicate that the robber only asked for $150, but that information has not yet been confirmed.

“The suspect fled the bank on foot, and once outside he made a deposit in the atm on the exterior of the building,” state police said in a statement.

Williams then fled the area on foot, running behind the shopping center. State troopers caught up to him and arrested him soon after, taking him into custody without incident.


He has been charged with second degree robbery and was sent to the county jail on a $6,000 cash bond.

According to reporting by the Daily Mail, “After he was apprehended, Williams told cops that he traveled to Delaware ‘by riding on the exterior of a cargo train’ and that ‘his mind is currently being controlled by a third party via an implant located somewhere in his body.'”

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