Liz Cheney Publicly DRAGGED Through the Mud…BRUTAL

In what could only be described as a savage rejoinder to her $500,000 ad campaign, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake publicly dragged Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming by showing her fawning or shall we say feigning gratitude to the RINO legislator. Lake cheekily thanked Cheney for her political action committee’s advertising blitz telling Arizona citizens to vote for Democrats in the upcoming 2022 midterms.

An ad reported by TheBlaze, from the Cheney-sponsored PAC, “the Great Task,” features Cheney saying, “I don’t know that I have ever voted for a Democrat. But if I lived in Arizona, I absolutely would.” Cheney claimed that GOP Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem, who is running for Arizona secretary of state, and Lake have each “said that they will only honor the results of an election if they agree with it.” Cheney says, “If you care about the survival of our republic, we cannot give people power who will not honor elections.”

In a viral tweet, Lake told Cheney,”Thank you for your generous in-kind contribution to my campaign. Your recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite. Our campaign donations are skyrocketing and our website nearly crashed from traffic as people rushed to learn more about my plan to put Arizona First and join our historic political movement.”

She continued, “In fact, my team tells me your commercial should add another 10 points to our lead! I guess that’s why they call the Cheney anti-endorsement the gift that keeps on giving.”

Lake then cheekily noted, “While we appreciate your in-kind contribution, the $500.000 ad buy likely exceeds Arizona’s $5,300 individual contribution limit.”

You can check out Liz Cheney’s ad “Honor,” below, in which she calls out Lake and also Secretary of State Candidate and AZ Rep. Mark Finchem by name, urging Republicans to vote Democrat in order to defeat them.

According to the PAC’s website, “The Great Task is a multi-candidate PAC sponsored by Congresswoman Liz Cheney that is focused on reverence for the rule of law, respect for our Constitution, and a recognition that all citizens have a responsibility to put their duty to the country above partisanship. The Great Task is designed to educate and mobilize Americans in a unified effort to ensure that our Republic endures.”

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