Lauren Boebert’s Ex-Husband Comes Forward

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert remained in the spotlight recently for a variety of reasons, but one of them was particularly scandalous. As many are aware, Boebert was escorted out of a Broadway performance recently due to disturbing other patrons. The congresswoman at first denied allegations of her disruptive behavior however once security footage exposed what really happened, she came forward to apologize for her actions.

In light of recent events, the ex-husband of Lauren Boebert spoke out about the real reason for their divorce.

In his statement on Facebook addressed to Colorado’s 3rd District and Americans in general, he admitted that it was due to his own actions and not “fame or a new lifestyle.”

Jayson Boebert wrote that he takes full responsibility for his actions and deeply regrets the choices he made which led to their devastating divorce.

He admitted to being unfaithful in multiple ways and explained how he should have always brought his best just as she did.

He also noted how this hurt caused by him had been something she kept buried inside while continuing her work fearlessly with a smile each day.

“I take full responsibility for my actions, and I deeply regret the choices I made that led to the breakdown of our marriage. I was unfaithful to Lauren in so many ways,” Jayson Boebert wrote. “I should have always brought my best just as she did. My actions were selfish and thoughtless, and I failed to consider the consequences they would ultimately have on the person I hold dearest to my heart.”

In addition, Jayson stated that he is committed to becoming a better man as he navigates life post-divorce.

He expressed that if Lauren is reading this message, then she should know that he is dedicated to rebuilding the trust between them that has been shattered; adding how wronged she has been by all these attacks coming her way partly because of him, which she does not deserve at all.

His statement comes soon after the incident where Rep. Lauren Boebert had been kicked out of “Beetlejuice: The Musical” on Sept 13th in Denver for vaping during the show and engaging in intimate behavior with her new boyfriend.

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