Kamala Hit With DISASTER

ICYMI – Kamala Harris was forced to hitch a lift back to the states on a cargo plane because Air Force Two broke down. She tagged along with Antony Blinken to the big security conference but had no interest in following him to the disaster scene in Turkey. Her career is enough of a disaster on it’s own.

Harris Hitchhikes home

Kamala Harris learned the hard way that flying on Air Force Two isn’t as prestigious as it used to be. She ended up being treated like a sack of mail, loaded up on a C-17 along with her entourage. Nobody is talking about what the specific maintenance difficulties were which grounded the plane. It makes a huge deal because these aren’t just any planes.

A fleet of three identical Boeing 747’s were custom fitted as aerial command posts. When one is needed it’s pulled from the fleet and called AF 1 or 2 depending on who’s aboard that day. Biden could have been the one stranded, or worse.

Kamala was on her way back to the states on February 18, from the Munich Security Conference in Germany. She wasn’t happy to get word that “technical issues grounded Air Force Two.

A palace spokesunit announced “due to maintenance difficulties,” Harris and her party will depart “on a backup aircraft.” One without all the heavy duty gear required to run a war from the skies. They aren’t saying another word about it.

While she was in Munich, Harris gave a big speech declaring that Joe Biden “has formally determined that Russia committed crimes against humanity” while battling Ukraine. She promises that we’re going to “hold Russia accountable.” Someone needs to be the world’s police force and arrest Putin for his “horrendous atrocities and war crimes.” She talked really tough.

I say to all those who have perpetrated these crimes, and to their superiors, who are complicit in these crimes, you will be held to account.” Meanwhile, Newsweek is reporting that Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin are inching toward world war with the West.

Behind the scenes meetings

Besides her big speech, Harris got a chance to rub elbows with “British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as well as Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.” Most of the time she was on stakeout duty attempting to spot Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang was trying real hard to avoid a face-to-face confrontation with Minister of State Antony Blinken. Despite his fast footwork between the meetings, Blinky managed to corner him.

While Kamala Harris was off socializing with socialists, Blinky managed to corner Wang Yi long enough for a pointed exchange of words.

Are you trying to start Armageddon?” Blinky demanded to know, warning Wang that there would be “consequences if China provides material support to Russia or assistance with systemic sanctions evasion.” That’s when Wang Yi fired back about Joe Biden’s trigger happy response to their spy balloon.

Wang Yi is a diplomat and the balloon makes for a helpful distraction but his real hot-button issue was the same one he’s been pressing for a long time now. Taiwan. America needs to learn to keep their hands off. We need to “change course, face up to and resolve the damage caused by the indiscriminate use of force to Sino-US relations.

Blinky should be worried about “what kind of efforts we can make to stop this war.” Wang also underscored “nuclear wars must not be fought.” Harris wasn’t around when Wang made it clear we can start a nuclear war by shooting down their next balloon if we want, but they’re going to keep sending them anyway. At least until we stop trying to give Taiwan democracy.

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