A Really Creepy Joe Biden Video


One of the bigger stories on the week is the classified documents that were found in Biden’s private office.

While cleaning out the office, his staff came upon three or four boxes that contained numerous classified documents.

When the media first asked Biden about the documents, he refused to answer.

His staff then jumped in and removed the media from the room.

Protect Joe

Honestly, this would not be such a big deal were it not for how Democrats went after Trump for the same thing.

Now the GOP is demanding a level playing field, and they should have it.

That, however, is not the case, as Biden’s team is already spinning and the media is already making excuses for Biden.

When a reporter did ask Biden for a comment, he just blankly stared at the reporter, then his team shuffled the media out without Biden saying a word.

The only thing he has said to this point is that he has no idea how the documents got into his office.

That is his excuse… seriously.

Reports surfaced on Wednesday that more classified documents were found in another location, so Joe apparently had sticky hands.

Level playing field… that is all we want, but I doubt we will get it.

Source: Fox News

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