Jack Smith

Jack Smith Crashes and Burns

Special Counsel Jack Smith has tried and failed miserably once again. As Smith continues to widen his investigation into the Jan 6th riot, he made a feeble attempt to implicate another Republican, Rep. Scott Perry by requesting access to his phone records.

This request was later denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, as it would breach the Perry’s immunity under the Constitution’s “speech and debate” clause.

As Republicans, we recognize the importance of keeping our elected officials from being dragged into legal proceedings while performing their duties as representatives for their constituents.

Not only is this an invasion of privacy and a violation of constitutional rights but it is also further evidence that Smith’s investigation has become a gross overreach by prosecutors more concerned with taking down former President Donald Trump than getting justice for those who committed crimes during the Capitol riot.

Host Wolf Blitzer asked Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI, if prosecutors were accusing Trump of utilizing same tactics used after election day to cast doubt in people’s minds about its integrity. He replied it was indeed true and referred back to an earlier indictment which highlighted these details exactly.

He went onto say how motion reads similarly in regards to those allegations and how it looks like Trump is knowingly lying about judges, witnesses, processes etc., all in an attempt to influence public opinion and intimidate any potential witnesses who may come forth with information pertaining to case against him.

Ultimately, prosecutors feel strongly enough that Judge Tanya S Chutkan should consider issuing a gag order against the former president so he can’t continue making prejudicial statements toward witnesses or anyone else involved with Jan 6th incident case. One example is his recent comments about Mike Pence which insinuated execution befitting punishment for speaking against him during potential testimony.

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