If There are So Many DNC Supporters Then How Did This Just Happen?

The Democrats are so powerful and popular that the DNC should be raking the dollar bills in by the truckload but they aren’t. A loyal Donald Trump supporting deplorable lawmaker from the deep blue State of California, Devin Nunes, and his conservative nationalist colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee, have been putting the fundraising efforts of their Democrat opposites in the dust, so far this year.

DNC boycott backfires

What makes the fundraising success of conservative Republicans so amazing is that they’re doing it despite a boycott from corporate America. The liberal CEO’s have refused to donate a single penny to any conservative in Congress.

The ones who called for election integrity in the last cycle and questioned the legitimacy of the outcome are supposed to be frozen out financially. The problem for DNC leadership is the fact that Republicans keep getting a lot of little donations from the grass roots. Donald Trump is well on his way to victory in 2024.

Devin Nunes is poised to be the “top Republican on the tax-writing panel.” He’s expected to succeed retiring Texas Congressman Kevin Brady in the next Congressional session. From January through March, Nunes raised a whopping $1.43 million for his campaign account.

That’s more than he did in the same time frame of 2020, when he hauled in $1.22 million. The really remarkable thing is that he did it without corporate donations. Nobody cares about the liberal CEO’s and their snit except the DNC and it isn’t helping them one bit.

For the past few years, Nunes has been on the forefront of the conservative fight to make America great again and is on the record time and again “fiercely defending Donald Trump.” It’s no surprise that he’s considered “a top-tier fundraiser in Congress.”

His accounts for the 2020 campaign were bigger than anyone but Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise. He edged out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by a nose. The DNC is not happy about it one bit.

One check by accident

Even without the liberal corporate PAC money, Nunes is “out-pacing his first-quarter totals from the last cycle.” He accidentally managed to pull in one check for $2,500.

The employees of health insurer Centene Corp. sent it in on January 5, one day before the big staged Barbarian assault on the Capitol building. If they had waited a few more days, the DNC would have it. Two years ago, Nunes got $119,000 from the PACs, the FEC confirms. That was a big day for Democrats.

As soon as the psychological warfare operation commonly referred to as the Capitol Insurrection riot happened, progressive companies woke to the fact that there is no way they can donate to a Republican who dared to question the integrity of the election or trust in Constitutional remedies to overturn the result carefully rigged by the DNC.

“Nunes was among 12 out of 18 Ways and Means Republicans who voted to sustain at least one electoral objection.”

Nunes says he doesn’t need any stinking corporate donations. he “worked hard to build a national donor network that he keeps informed through podcasts.” Ones with titles like election security, the “Russia Hoax” and the wave of “socialist” spending by Democrats.

He’s not afraid of the DNC but they’re afraid of him. “There’s less and less reliance on corporate PACs and that sort of thing.” Thats why, overall, “Republicans out raised Democrats in the first quarter by $5.29 million to $3.95 million.” And that’s just looking at the one committee.

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