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Hunter Biden Courtroom BOMBSHELL… Are They Serious?

With new Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) in place, Hunter Biden’s attorneys are making a Hail Mary toss.

His legal team has made the request to Johnson to stop the investigations into Hunter’s business activities.

Something tells me that the plea will go unanswered.

Leave Hunter Alone

Attorney Abbe Lowell made the plea to Johnson last week.

He wrote, “Before you cast your lot with and cede additional authority to those who have betrayed the trust placed in their offices by the Constitution, you should consider the numerous lies, falsehoods, and fabricated illustrations by your chamber’s chairmen in the course of peddling baseless allegations of misconduct by our client or his family that now will form the basis for them abusing their power with improper demands for records and testimony.

“Even in the era of ‘alternative facts,’ your colleagues’ manipulation and disregard for the truth is breathtaking.

“Please remind those who sat with you on November 1 what you recently said: that House Republicans have a ‘constitutional responsibility to follow th[e] truth,’ wherever it leads, and you promised to ‘only follow facts’ and not ‘use this for political partisan games.’”

They continue to call the allegations made against Hunter and Joe Biden “baseless,” but there is more than enough evidence to support these investigations.

The problem, of course, is that we still have a Democrat-run DOJ that will protect both Joe and Hunter Biden.

The only way I think we will ever see any real justice on this front is to take back both chambers of Congress as well as the White House.

There is simply no way Attorney General Merrick Garland will ever allow a sentence of significance against Hunter Biden.

Source: Fox News

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