Her 34JJ Boobs Won’t Stop Growing, Leaving Her Completely Terrified

Since she was 10 years old, Elizabeth Catlin’s boobs have not stopped growing. Now, she’s up to a 34JJ, and she is terrified.

Catlin, 32, is worried that her breasts will continue to grow, and is concerned about the possibility that she may suffocate her baby.

She is now desperate for breast reduction surgery, as her 34JJ boobs cause her severe back pain.

Her 34JJ Boobs Won’t Stop Growing and Now She is Terrified

“My boobs haven’t stopped growing since I was a 10 year old child and obviously my boobs grew even bigger during my pregnancy,” Catlin said. “I really wanted to breastfeed my daughter because I thought it would be an amazing way to bond, but my boobs were just too big.”

“My breasts are so big that they entirely covered Willow’s whole face and she would have just suffocated underneath them. It was really upsetting because it was something I’d really wanted to try but I just couldn’t,” she added.

The size of Catlin’s breasts effect the way that she interacts with her daughter, Willow.

“I have to carry her above my boobs as I can’t carry her on my hips because my boobs are in the way. I can’t even hug her properly, she has to be above my boobs in order to hug me back,” she said.

“And because of the constant and severe back pain caused by the size of my boobs, I can’t really run around after her and play with her,” Catlin added.

Her 34JJ Boobs Won’t Stop Growing and Now She is Terrified

Her 34JJ breasts not only have an effect on her relationship with her daughter, they impact her ability to exercise and be intimate with her husband.

If she wants to exercise, Catlin has to wear two sports bras. When it comes to regular bras, she usually can’t find any in her size.

“I am sure my boobs are still growing because I am still going up in cup sizes. I am now bursting out of bras that fit me a couple of months ago,” she said. “As I have gotten older my boobs have gotten heavier, they hurt more and they are blotchy purple where the strain of the weight has stretched the skin so thin.”

“I hate them. I have a bad back all of the time and they physically hurt to touch which obviously affects my time with my husband,” Catlin continued, adding that if her husband, Richard, 37, touches her, it feels like “shooting electricity.”

Her 34JJ breasts are not only uncomfortable, they actually pose a serious danger in some situations.

“I have to be very careful when I am cooking over the stove so that I don’t burn them, which I have done a few times previously. They just get in the way of everything,” she said.

Now, Catlin only buys baggy clothes to hide her body, after she received unwanted attention from strangers.

“If I wore anything where you can slightly see my boobs I get disgusting attention from men and people just stare at them. I have even been called a ‘slag’ before while wearing a turtleneck. I can’t win,” she said.

NHS doctors have turned Catlin away multiple times when she was seeking breast reduction surgery, instead telling her she just needs to lose weight. After being turned down for the surgery by the NHS, she decided to try to raise the money for it herself.

To donate to Elizabeth’s breast reduction fundraiser visit her GoFundMe page.

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