He Sneaks into Underage Girl’s Room, Then Murders the Father

Kids have no respect these days. When they crawl in second story bedroom windows to visit young girls, they’re armed. When one Louisiana Dad heard a noise and went to investigate, also armed, the two ended up battling it out. When the lead stopped flying, the father was dead. The molester fired first but it didn’t do him a whole lot of good. He was carried away in an ambulance. If he survives, he can expect some molestation of his own.

Father shot multiple times

Dezmon Hamilton, a 34-year-old Louisiana father, was shot “multiple times” by 17-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter after he climbed through the second-story window of Hamilton’s home “attempting to visit his 14-year-old daughter.” In the olden days, when a dad heard his daughter’s window creak, he simply threw the offender right back out of it and that was usually the end of the story, after a little chat with the daughter. Simple defenestration doesn’t work in today’s modern society.

The females were already having that chat but “Hamilton and Mcquirter were both armed” during their half of the confrontation “and fired shots at each other.” Hamilton was pronounced dead at the scene while Mcquirter “was hospitalized in critical condition.”

Provided the defendant is released from the hospital, “police plan to arrest the teen on suspicion of second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon and possessing a stolen gun” in the death of the girl’s father.

It all happened in the blink of an eye “around 8 a.m. Monday on Hayfield Drive in Zachary.” The girl’s mother and grandmother “came over to discuss what was going on,” Zachary Police Chief David McDavid relates. “The grandmother and her daughter took the 14-year-old off to the side and were talking to her. An argument ensued and then gunshots were fired.”

Chief David is well aware of the “rise of gang activity and drugs” in his community.

“There are gangs here, there are gangs around Zachary, on the outskirts. They’re coming here, we know that. We track them, we arrest them. But they’re using a lot of these juveniles to do their dirty work, and that’s what’s happening and they’re stealing guns and doing drugs.” And using the guns to kill the father of their underage girlfriend.

Hamilton friends in shock

Those who knew Dezmon Hamilton relate he was a lot more than just a caring father. Carl Gibson “was working with Hamilton on several projects in the city.”

He notes that one “of the clients of our design business, Dezmon Hamilton, was murdered Sunday morning. We designed the layout of a snowball stand and car wash he was building in Zachary. We spoke often, and I had met with him several times for the meetings downtown.”

Gibson recalled their last encounter. At the last meeting, I just remember the look of excitement he had when he realized it was really going to happen and that he had jumped one of the final hurdles to get it done.” The tragedy is unbearable.

“This is very sad. His mother had come to a few of the meetings and she was so happy for him.” The father died doing his duty, defending his daughter.

At the time of the unfortunate incident, Dezmon was the father of four children. He sadly lost Dezmon Jr., who died at age 6 in 2014. Police are still investigating but the circumstances are clear as to exactly what happened.

It appears that the boy used a ladder to gain access, which was seen by a neighbor. The neighbor called to alert the family and the parents caught the boy hiding in the girl’s closet. After they took Mcquirter “downstairs to speak to him,” the shooting happened.

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