Breaking: Feds Raid Corrupt Leaders Homes

The FBI has raided Detroit City Hall and two corrupt Democrat leaders are in deep, deep trouble. Detroit City Council members Janee Ayers and Scott Benson, both Democrats are subject to investigation from the Feds now, both their offices, their homes and even the home of their Chiefs of Staff have been raided for evidence in the ongoing case. FBI special agent Tim Waters who is conducting the ongoing investigation is playing his cards close to the vest until he has evidence to present to the eastern Michigan US Attorney. All that can be ascertained so far is that both Ayers and Benson are under investigation for corruption.

The Detroit News Reported,

“The full scope of the investigation was unclear, but FBI agents were focused on municipal towing operations and accusations city officials received bribes, according to two sources. Federal agents on Wednesday also searched the homes of several City Council employees, including Ricardo Silva and Carol Banks, chiefs of staff for Ayers and Benson, respectively, though search warrant documents listing probable cause to search the locations remained sealed in court and no criminal charges were filed Wednesday.”


According to The Blaze,  Special Agent Waters said,

“Why are we doing this? Why are we doing these search warrants? Because the citizens of Detroit have a right to a city government that is free of corruption. ”

“Simply what we’re doing today is collecting evidence which will be presented to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern district of Michigan, who will make all the decisions on charging in this ongoing investigation,” he added.

Only a few weeks ago Detroit City Councilman Andre Spivey was arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, many are suggesting that the already rampant corruption of the grassroots Democrats is on the rise. (Who thought that was even possible?) Only eight years ago Detroit’s crooked Mayor was convicted of a racketeering conspiracy. He’s now doing twenty-eight years in the federal penitentiary.

Corrupt Democrat Leaders With Shady Pasts

Carol Banks and Janee Ayers have each known their share of corrupt scandals, but the Detroit Democratic Party machine was able to keep them above the consequences, but perhaps not this time. In 2016 Ayers was heard on wiretap consipiring with Gasper Fiore a prominent Detroit business man to funnel money to her from a billboard provider Nicholas Primus. Ayers has denied even knowing Primus.


The two men “discussed ways to get money to her but disguise it,” FBI Special Agent Robert Beeckman wrote in the wiretap affidavit. Fiore is doing 21 months in Federal prison for his role as the “Baron of Bribery”. Banks is no better, Carol was fired from her post with Detroit Public Schools in 15′ following “an internal investigation into misconduct” It seems the deeper authorities dig, the dirtier Detroit’s political class gets. The craziest part is this: in spite of all the scandals, these people will likely win re-election in Detroit.

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