GOP Superstar Governor Challenged In Primary

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has quickly risen to the forefront of Republican leaders resisting the massively oppressive federal overreach that has characterized the Biden-Harris regime, but news has come from Sioux Falls that remarkably she’s looking at a challenge in the gubernatorial primary of 2022.

Former House Speaker Steve Haugaard, first elected in 2014 has confirmed that he is seeking the Republican nomination, with his paperwork submitted on November 16th a formal announcement of his candidacy is expected to follow according to South Dakota’s KSFY.

According to SFGate,

“The Sioux Falls lawyer will be facing a formidable opponent in Noem, who is a national star in the Republican party. She formally announced her reelection campaign last week, touting a $10 million fundraising haul since she was elected three years ago. She has more than $6.5 million in cash on hand, her campaign said.”

Governor Noem and Speaker Haugaard Battle For Conservative South Dakotans

Haugaard has recently clashed with Noem and is widely perceived to be one of the most conservative members of the South Dakota House of Representatives. He likely will have his work cut out for him though, running to the right of Noem given the extremely strong stands she’s made against the Democrat-Socialists has seriously endeared her to America-First patriots nationwide, earning her wide acclaim and recognition alongside other superstar governors such as Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

The most notable breaks between the two Republicans has centered around a scandal with South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. reports, “For months Noem has called for Ravnsborg to resign, and for the Legislature to remove him from office if he doesn’t, in the wake of the death of pedestrian Joe Boever after being struck by the car Ravnsborg was driving on the night of September 12, 2020. An attorney representing Ravnsborg pleaded no-contest to two misdemeanors facing Ravnsborg related to the crash. Last week Haugaard voted against the House opening an investigation into the possible impeachment of Ravnsborg.” The two also reportedly battled over Noem’s style and form-based veto of the controversial veto of a transgender sports ban.

According to inforum, “Noem announced her reelection campaign on Friday, touting she’d raised $10 million. A Democrat has yet to announce. A GOP primary will take place on June 7, 2022.”

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