Garland Suffers Intense Grilling From Senator Grassley

Merrick Garland “deflected” intense grilling from Charles Grassley at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The public learned new details for the first time when the Iowa senator quizzed the DOJ front man about the “dozen sources” who ratted out alleged crimes committed by Hunter Biden. Grassley wasn’t talking about the piddly little gun purchase and tax evasion charges. There are serious influence peddling and other allegations which suggest Joe Biden is compromised from a national security standpoint.

Garland dodges tough questions

Merrick Garland was grilled and interrogated all over Capitol Hill, in both House and Senate watchdog hearings. Senator Charles Grassley has firm evidence that “over a dozen sources,” New York Post reports, “had tipped off the FBI and Justice Department to potential criminal activity.” Activity related to Hunter Biden and his foreign business dealings with the Chinese and Russians.

As Grassley noted at the March 1 hearing, recent “lawfully protected whistleblower disclosures to my office indicate that the Justice Department and FBI had — at one time — over a dozen sources that provided potentially criminal information relating to Hunter Biden.” That sounds pretty important to the senator. One of those sources was Hunter’s disgruntled partner Tony Bobulinski and the public already knows what he told the FBI. It was all sanitized away by former Special Agent Tim Thibault.

The alleged volume and similarity of information would demand that the Justice Department investigate the truth and accuracy of the information.” The conservative public firmly agrees.

Accordingly, what steps has the Justice Department taken to determine the truth and accuracy of the information provided?” Grassley glowered at Garland because as far as he can tell, it’s none. “Congress and the American people have a right to know.

Garland “deflected, saying he had promised during his confirmation hearings not to interfere in the probe headed by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss.” Probe what probe? He locked all the paperwork in a drawer which isn’t related to the gun and tax evasion charges which Biden lawyers can get whittled down to nothing. After all, Hunter admitted he’s a crack addict, he didn’t know what he was doing when he filled out the gun and tax forms.

Those aren’t the charges America is waiting to be investigated and Merrick knows it. That’s why he refuses to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into it. They would find more than enough to implicate Hunter, Joe and James Biden. Maybe Frank Biden and others, as well.

How independent is Weiss?

That answer raised another issue which has been on Senator Grassley’s mind for a while. They have indications that the fix is in. “Has the Delaware U.S. attorney sought permission of another U.S. Attorney’s Office, such as in the District of Columbia or California, to bring charges?

Liberal jurisdictions like those listed refuse to cooperate with conservatives. “If so, was it denied?” Garland was left speechless. Anything he said can and will be used against him in court later.

I don’t know the answer to that.” Garland stammered, knowing full well that couldn’t get him in perjury trouble. He added that officially, in front of the public, “Weiss has been told that he is not to be denied anything that he needs, and if that were to happen, it should ascend through the department’s ranks, and I have not heard anything from that office to suggest that they are not able to do everything that the U.S. attorney wants to do.

The last thing Weiss wants to do, it seems, is find evidence of real crimes. Ones which compromise our national security. The Deep State likes us being compromised. They worked hard engineering it to start with. That, some say, is why they needed President Donald Trump out of the way so bad.

Grassley wasn’t buying the excuses. “Well, let me give you my view,” he offered. “If Weiss, the U.S. attorney there in Delaware, must seek permission from a Biden-appointed U.S. attorney to bring charges, then the Hunter Biden criminal investigation isn’t insulated from political interference, as you publicly proclaimed.

Garland couldn’t say anything to that, so stopped talking and fidgeted uncomfortably. He seemed stunned like he’d been whacked with an assault hammer. Grassley took the opportunity of the glazed look on Garland’s face to remind him, if what the whistleblowers told him gets proven, “it would show that the federal law enforcement agencies” were “institutionally corrupted to their very core.

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