Garland DECLINED Death Penalty… National OUTRAGE

On August 3, 2019, Patrick Crusius allegedly entered a crowded Walmart in El Paso, TX.

He cased the store to wait until it was packed with Hispanic families shopping for back-to-school gear.

He entered the store with an AK-47 and opened fire, spraying bullets everywhere.

By the time he was done shooting, 45 people had been shot.

Twenty-three of them were dead, and 22 more were injured.

He published a hateful manifesto online.

This had all the makings of a death penalty case.

We Will Pass

Instead of going for the death sentence and making an example of this horrific animal, the Biden DOJ has decided it will not go for the death penalty.

In the filing, the DOJ wrote, “The United States of America hereby notifies the Court and Defendant Patrick Wood Crusius that the Government will not seek the death penalty in the instant case.”

There is some solace…

That is the federal case, but there is also a case that will be played out in the Texas courts, and Crusius will be up for the death penalty in that case.

Due to some missteps, the DA in El Paso has been fired with a replacement named.

For that reason, the court date in the Texas court has not yet been set.

Source: New York Post

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