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Fox News Host Brutally ATTACKED…

ICYMI – Fox News host Julie Banderas broke some personal news during a Valentine’s segment on the late-night show “Gutfeld!” hosted by Greg Gutfeld. Banderas says she is divorcing her husband of 13 years after he allegedly held a knife to her throat in December.

She had previewed what was to come on the show during a tweet conversation with the Fox Late night host.

“Julie, I don’t know what your relationship is. It’s none of my business,” host Greg Gutfeld asked. “But tell me. Is it over? Are you gonna get anything for Valentine’s Day?”

Banderas responded, “F*** Valentine’s Day.”

On the holiday itself, she added in a tweet, “Yeah, it’s stupid. I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t get s*** for Valentine’s Day.”

During the show Gutfeld asked the longtime Fox News mainstay if she was “no longer married,” and she responded: “Well, I’m getting a divorce. I’m going to go ahead and say it here for the very first time.”

If what is being reported is true then Banderas had every right to feel bitter about the holiday.

The Daily Mail outlet reported that Banderas’ husband, 55-year-old Andrew Sansone, was arrested at the couple’s Long Island, New York, home in December. His arrest was caused by his alleged attack on Banderas with a steak knife over a plate of mashed potatoes.

The report cited papers filed in Southampton town court, which said that Sansone had made the dish for the couple’s three young kids, but Banderas ate it. Her actions sent him into a fit of rage, and he held the knife to her throat.

According to the court papers, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor menacing and misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon.

The couple’s three children, all under the age of 12, were reported to have been home but not present during the alleged attack.

Banderas called the police five days after the alleged incident, and Sansone was arrested while the children were away at school.

At the time, Banderas sought and was granted a restraining order. Sansone is not allowed to contact or come near her. However, he does have a visitation schedule with their children.

The report said Sansone filed for divorce back in March of last year, but the couple had continued to live together.

It is reported that Sansone, a financial adviser, will ask a judge to grant him custody of the children while also seeking alimony payments from his soon-to-be former wife.

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